New Sarah Palin Bumper Sticker is Priceless (Sorry, I Meant Worthless)


Now, BuffaloGreg doesn’t usually like to talk about politics too often. Because just because I believe one thing doesn’t mean that everybody else shares those ideals.

That being said, I think it’s unanimous that Sarah Palin is in the top five of stupidest people of all time.

Then she released this bumper sticker and went up five spaces to number one.

It’s been point out by many in just two days that Isis is not pronounced Is ┬áIs. So the who concept is shoddy at best. But also, why Reagan? Is she aware that he can’t STILL be president because his eight years maximum of service expired in 1989, so he couldn’t be president now STILL or OTHERWISE.

Oh, also he’s been DEAD for over a decade… so there’s that too.

Get the Fuck Outta Here, Key & Peele!



A ‘Key & Peele’ Substitute Teacher movie? What are you guys doing?

Don’t get me wrong; Key/Peele are some funny motherfuckers, but if you’ve seen the sub. teacher sketch, you know the entire plot is that he gets people’s names wrong. That’s it.

Let’s not form a whole movie on a single one-note sketch, guys. Have we learned nothing from GoodBurger?




This NSFW Bikini Pic Is The Reason Why I Miss Spring Break

Not Safe for life hot chick small bikini

One of the worse things about leaving college is when March rolls around. Assholes are all down in Florida and Arizona and Mexico. They are all naked and fucking drunk! You start to see all of these pictures of chicks wearing next to nothing and you remember that you have to work. Your best party days are behind you. It is now about TPS reports instead of how many women can you possibly stick your dick into. Fucking sucks.

All that rant was just an excuse to show that amazing fucking picture!

What Is That, Girls Dancing On A Stage, Seems Like The Best Place To Jerk Off?

Old guys love jerking off anytime they can. Jerking off in front of thousands of people who are watching girls dance on a stage is like expert level old man jerk off. I mean sometimes you just have to bust a nut, right?