This Dad Just Laughing His Ass Off At Kids Falling On Ice Is Internet Joy

This dad has it right. Kids falling and busting their asses, never help those little pricks, just pull out your cell phone and film the bastards. The best part my be the pure joy in his laughs as kids take a tumble. Even better when his daughter joins in with the joy of misery. Nothing like a little father daughter bonding by watching others fail at life.

Also I have no clue how the fuck the girl running on her cell phone stayed upright. We were all hoping for a fatality on that girl.

Should I Be Worried That Our Writer BuffaloGreg Could Be Dead Right Now?

Snow monster

So today I was checking out our little site here and I was like, hmmm…I wonder why BuffaloGreg has not posted anything as of late. Then I remembered that his name is BuffaloGreg! Dude could be dead right now in a snow bank or even worse, out of booze with no power and hanging from a ceiling beam. I mean I should not be worried because the kid is from Buffalo, snow is nothing to them. But this amount of snow is epic shit. This is the kind of snow where you could go out to a bar, get drunk start walking home and they find your body in May when the shit melts. I once had a cat that got hit by the city snow plow when I was a kid. We found Duncan in March when the snow melted. I hope the same does not happen to our writer.

I feel like I should start like a kickstarter or something like that to get BuffaloGreg a shovel or at least a case of beer.

Emily Osment Is Fit. Nuff Said


Muff has always had a crush on Emily Osment. So what that she kind of looks like her brother in a strange way. I still want to put a map of Japan on her belly. I need her looking back at with a smile while I try to put it in her bum. Chick is fit as fuck and this picture proves it. Emily Osment…call me!