Iggy Azalea tells fans to get their fingers out of her vagina (Literally, not figuratively)



Okay, I’m not really sure who Australian singer, Iggy Azalea is, but from the pictures I see, the woman is not ashamed of having her vagina out there for all to see.

But that doesn’t give her scumbag fans the right to jam their fingers up in there whenever she crowd surfs. Yes, this happened at numerous shows. And it probably would have happened again, but Iggy made the sensible decision to stop crowd surfing after NUMEROUS fans tweeted their intent to finger the pop-star prior to her concert.

I don’t know why I have to explain this to people… It’s not okay to sexually assault your favorite artists. Even if you really, really, really, really really want to.

What kind of fans are these Aussies anyway? I mean, Bruce Springsteen for example has been playing packed stadiums since the 1970′s. And not once has a group of female fans bombarded the stage and violently started jacking the guy off! I’m just sayin…

Also her hit single is called 'Pu$$y.' Yes, with two dollar signs.

Also her hit single is called ‘Pu$$y.’
Yes, with two dollar signs.

What in the Holy Hell?

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First off, just when you think ‘Frozen’ has finally died, the internet goes out of it’s way to make it relevant again. Which proves my theory that Disney owns the entirety of the internet.

Secondly, why the hell are there doubles, triples and even quads of these characters. I mean, ‘Frozen’ had a shitload of characters. Can’t they dance to ‘Thriller?’ Lazy fucking animators…

News that nobody in Boston could possibly care about


Buffalo Bills 2014 schedule!!!! ¬†Gotta admit, it looks pretty bad, but you never know when all these good teams might have a bad day and lose to Buffalo. It happens a good 2-3 times every year. Maybe this time it’ll happen a solid 10-12 times.

Anyway. No Monday night games again for the Orchard Park Bisons, but we do have a another nonsensical Thursday evening game that’s just going to fuck us up!

Go Bills!

I totally thought Russell Wilson’s soon to be ex-wife was going to be unattractive.


Because remember he didn’t become Super-famous until a couple of years ago. I figured his wife would be a late in college girlfriend that just kinda hung on despite her unfortunate looking face and body.

But it turns out that she is a high school girlfriend that just kinda hung on, but is also very bone-able!

I hope you’re not making a mistake Russ.

Nah, I’m just kidding! You’re a young Super Bowl winning QB! You can get any piece of ass you want! Yeah, she looks good, but she was only anchoring you down.

Good move bro!!! (Just don’t get badly injured and you’re set…)

The gayest gay dude from ‘Mean Girls’ comes out as, (surprise) gay!


At age 35? What were you waiting for bro? A cure? The last of your close-knit friends to finally put 2 and 2 together?

I mean, who didn’t already assume this guy was probably gay? He played the super gay dude from ‘Mean Girls’ for crying out loud!

I feel ya bro


It’s important sometimes to realize what is truly important.

It’s Volleyball Day!

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Today in Yoga Pants…


This made Johnny LOL.


Morning Buns


Just A Video Of Drunk Hot Girls Being Tossed Out Of A Food Store

Love that fact that Apu just has enough of these girls drunken shit, grabs them up like Forest grabbing up Bubba in Vietnam, and tosses lava the fuck outside. Would have liked to see Apu cop a feel on the way out the door, but he is a true professional.

Things get ever worse for the Buffalo Bills. Management is now being sued by a handful of distraught cheerleaders.

Was everybody's hair this terrible in the 90's?

Was everybody’s hair this terrible in the 90′s?

5 former Buffalo Jills (yes, the Buffalo Bills cheerleaders are actually called the Buffalo Jills), have brought a lawsuit against the management, because they feel they weren’t compensated properly.

This shit never would have happened if Ralph Wilson were still alive. He would have slapped them on the fannies, called them toots and chalked the whole thing up to “lady issues.”