Here’s the Thing, Taken 3 or Tak3n or Whatever You Wanna Be Called

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I watched the entire trailer. Nobody is taken. You owe us something Taken franchise. Your movies go: Neeson’s all chilling minding his own business, somebody in his family it TAKEN, Neeson kicks everybody’s ass then shoots them, roll credits.

Now you’re doing a Taken movie where his daughter doesn’t even get taken? What?

Check out Forrest Whitaker do his thing though. You all serious Forrest.

White Trash Slip And Slide Fun For All….Except The Last White Trash Guy

This is why I love being a white guy and an alcoholic. You can do white trash things like make ghetto slip and slides and damn near give your self an concussion and just laugh it off. You can also drink a 30 rack of Natty and get a blow job from some 18 year old fat chick while listening to Kid rock. It is awesome.

Motorcycle Middle Finger Kid Gets A Big Old Bucket Of Karma Real Quick

Some say that karma is a bitch, I say that karma is funny. fuck this kid. It is hard to be a thug when you have to boil your water to drink it cause your country does not have proper water sanitation.

Avril Lavigne Turned 30 Years Old…..Still Bangable??

Avril Lavigne 30 years old

Avril Lavigne turned 30 years old. She got all dressed up and went to a party in Las Vegas. The big question is…. is a 30 year old Avril Lavigne still bangable? Normally when you go to your birthday party, one tries to look their best, so we will assume that this is the best that Avril can look now.

Avril Lavigne 30 years old

Now she kind of has a fupa going on now, but I can look past a small fupa. Most 30 year olds have a fupa.

Avril Lavigne 30 years old

Face is holding up. The tattoos may be a bit much now, but if your down with ink, she gets your dick dripping.

Avril Lavigne 30 years old ass

Holy shit! When did she get a giant ass????

Verdict……..Still Bangable

Buffalo Bills Do Something Right: Marrone Benches EJ Manuel and Goes with… This Guy!

ko6 ko5 ko4 ko3 ko2 ko1


Two questions:

1) Who in Buffalo doesn’t agree that Kyle Orton is without a doubt going to be the next Jim Kelly, or better?

2) How has this guy been in Buffalo for over a month and BuffaloGreg hasn’t partied his face off with him?

Buffalo Bills Bench Manuel!!!! (Holy Crap, Doug Marrone Actually Has a Thinkin’ Brain)

na na na na na na na na, hey, hey, hey, GOODBYE! (Until Orton sucks and you're starting again in 2 weeks)

na na na na, na na na na, hey, hey, hey, GOODBYE!
(Until Orton sucks and you’re starting again in 2 weeks)

Don’t take BuffaloGreg the wrong way, here. There is still not a very big chance that my team will play any better in the weeks to come. But at the very least I don’t have to look at EJ’s pathetic “Aw Schucks!” look for some time. We’ve had some neutered QB’s in our day EJ, but you sir, you are also one of them.

Three-Breasted Fraud Hoaxter is Now Halloween Costume




Random shit begets random shit, this the way of this country of ours. And just when you thought you was out, this nonsense pulls ya back in.

Also, WTF is up with all the blood stains in the background. Is that part of the costume, or does honey modeling this have a few dark secrets of her own?

German Scientists and Doctors Say: “Why Go Across the Street, When You Can Go Across the Hall?”


NBC News cites a new report by the German government’s Ethics Council recommending the decriminalization of sex between adult siblings.

“The majority of the German Ethics Council believes that it is not appropriate for a criminal law to preserve a social taboo,” Dr. Michael Wunder, a psychotherapist and member of the council, told NBC News. “But the ethics council does not recommend decriminalizing sex between parents and children.”

The Week reports that the panel is made up of scientists, doctors and lawyers.

A spokesperson for Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrat government said the German Chancellor was not in favor of reversing the country’s incest ban.

The hell, Germany? You’re making me uncomfortable. And this is a group of your best and brightest. But I guess on a legal standpoint, it’s hard to disagree with you. And you know what, why not Germany? Think about it, this might be some good PR for you. For the past 65 years people have been associating your country with Nazis and the Holocaust.

But, if you continue in this fashion, nowadays anytime somebody thinks about Germany, all they’ll think about is brother/sister love. And that’s probably a step up, right?