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Twerk Tuesday



When twerkin’ goes wrong.


Question: Would You Still Bang This Girl Who Ate Chips Off of a Train Floor?

YouTube Preview Image

Yeah, I probably still would, she’s got that long blonde hair and what I assume is a kicking body.

I just wouldn’t kiss her on the mouth.

Totally fake though, chips aren’t crunching that loud on your iPhone!

Good News ‘Star Wars’ Fans!



I don’t know if this has already been pointed out. But if Episode VII sucks, it’s going to be SUPER EASY to kick the shit out of JJ Abrams.

Obviously there is nothing we all can do about Episodes I – III because that fucker George Lucas can throw the fuck down!!!

I don’t hate you all enough to show the fat guy Juggalo lapdance. But this picture should make you vomit anyway!


What the fuck is a Juggalo anyway? Don’t they wear face paint or some shit?

Cosplay of the day: SD Comiccon 2014



Sure it looks good. Sad thing is though, this bitch is a method actor, so all the calamine lotion in the world won’t stop this itch!

Today in: WTF shutterstock


Wow Shutterstock! This is a slap in the face to a number of women!

Now there’s signs and such!

I’m more disgusted that she’s almost 45!


Yeah she’s breastfeeding. But let’s be put off for the right reasons. She’s old, what the fug is she doing with a goddamned baby!

I dunno, I don’t care…

Trump already knows he isn’t going to win the Bills


This guy was a biter to begin with. If anybody thought this guy had the gall and the actual capital to purchase the Buffalo Bills he was fucking dreaming!

Sure he has some money (inherited mostly, his investments since have been comical), but he doesn’t have the REAL money to own a NFL team.

And yes I realize that it’s only the Bills. But it’s still a professional team.

Keep dreaming douche!

Today in Yoga Pants…


This made Johnny LOL.


Morning Buns


Some Dogs Get How To Use The Slide At The Playground, Some Dogs Do Not

YouTube Preview Image

For every video on the internet that show how smart a dog is, there are 20 that show who how stupid they are.

Tonight In Yoga Pants

Yoga Pants 10

See what we did there, we took Today in Yoga Pants and did a nighttime version. This is why we make the big bucks here at BostonDrunks

Sometimes You Just Need To Show A Picture Of Two Topless Girls Kissing Just To Increase Web Hits

Two Topless girls kissing

Yes, sometimes you just need to put asses in the seats, nothing puts asses in the seats like two topless girls making out while in panties. This post is just here to drive up the numbers for the day. Being a webmaster is a hard job, it is even harder when you do it when you are hard.

It Has Been A While Since We Have Seen A Picture Of The Bare Ass Of Pam Anderson, So Here Ya Go


Your boy Muff actually had to look up on Wikipedia to make sure that Pam Anderson was still alive. I really had though she died from a coke overdose or got fucked to death by Tommy Lee’s massive wang. So looks like she is alive and well. Her bum looks tasty, if your into tasty bums.