10 Hot Girls You Wish You Were Nude For April 18th


Another day goes by and another 10 chicks who are hot but not nude. Damn shame that these girls love clothing so much.

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F*ck Free Friday

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Does anybody else miss Ros from ‘Game of Thrones?’



Sure she was relatively useless to the plot and her scenes were quite dull. But let’s not forget that she was a character that was almost always naked. And the few times she was fully clothed she was flashing her pussy to anybody who would stop and sit for a minute.

Now what is ‘GOT’ going to do when they need somebody to be naked and do all the sex scenes…..

Bwah! I almost said that with a straight face. ‘GOT’ is nothing but sex and violence and more sex. If anything Ros being gone will just take that whole pesky talking aspect out of the numerous sex scenes.

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Today in Yoga Pants…


This made Johnny LOL.


Oh, the compromises we must make: Will Trump buy the Bills?



I’m torn, I need the Bills to stay in Buffalo, but how punchable is the face of the man who may be the guy who keeps them there.

But I jest. It’s very early in the game. And I feel that Donald doesn’t even have the money to realistically buy the Bills by himself. When all is said and done, the Bills will go for over 1 Billion dollars.

Trump may be rich, but I think he wants to get the Bills for a song. ($700 – 800 million). Not gonna happen. We’ll see how this plays out. But just so I’m ¬†on the record, I will make a deal with any devil to keep the Bills in Buffalo.

Paulina Gretzky doesn’t know dick about golf, and it’s hilariously arousing.

Sure, the entirety of the LPGA is furious that she is on the May cover of ‘Golf Digest.’ But who cares, it’s the LPGA, a group that is even more unwatchable than the PGA. Besides how can we stay made and Paulina?

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Keith Hernandez talks giant hot dogs and tits.

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Goddamn baseball is so boring. You can’t even ogle a woman’s breasts without showing minutes of boring boring footage.

Hockey playoffs started on Wednesday, nobody should be watching baseball anywhere.

Brother cooking up Oreo based chicken tenders in his truck.

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I was totally on board, until this sick bastard decided to use the uber disgusting ‘Golden’ oreos. Golden oreos aren’t real fucking oreos, and that’s some lean ass chicken boss! I don’t go to food trucks for my health. If I’m not gripping my heart for an hour after consuming your 2AM faire, then you’re not doing your job properly.

OSU says my video games are going to make me racist!


What are you doing to me here, Ohio State?

OSU recently did a study that showed people who played violent video games as a black character are more likely to have racist thoughts and opinions. This may sound like a frightening statistic, but let’s not forget that the people involved in the study were probably already pretty racist to begin with, because they are students at OSU.

Now can we just go back to video games making me sexist like God intended?

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C-strings. For when thongs take up too much room in your top drawer.



Also for when you want to get a strapless tan, but are just a bit too shy for a nude beach. Yeah, I think I’m a fan.

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That’s just kinda sad, Joey Fatone…


Former N*SYNC, singer???? Joey Fatone recently said that The Backstreet Boys are only touring because they need the money. OH BURN!!! (If this were 1998.)

So Joe. Why are you doing those Bosley hair restoration commercials, for the sheer love of the music?


Kind of embarrassing, Chad Johnson. But at least you’re working.




Former NFL wide receiver signed a contract with the CFL’s Montreal Alouettes.

Basically at this point, he’s just happy that he’s working in football after a two year absence.

No news yet on whether on not he plans on changing his name to: Chad Huit Cinq.

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