Chantel Jeffries Loves To Wear Yoga Pants

Chantel Jeffries 14

So this is Chantel Jeffries. She used to fuck Justin Bieber. Now she can fuck all us all and never even call us again. Pure lava who loves to wear yoga pants. Enough of me writing this shit and you reading it, just click through for the pics!

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Brian Urlacher Calls Jay Cutler a Pussy, And Cutler Bends Over and Takes It.


Urlacher was on Chicago radio recently and he had a few things to say about his former play caller Jay Cutler. He said that even though Jay is an elite paid player he is not elite in his performance.



And after a number of his performances this season, including last week’s against the struggling Dolphins, that’s gotta give old Cuts some performance anxiety. Get better or Urlacher just might step on your throat again.


Throwback Thursday: That Time Eddie Murphy “Accidently” Picked Up That Dude in Drag


How come nobody ever talks about this anymore? Back in 1997 this was huge news for about one week. Then nothing, nothing, nothing.

Do people not realize that they’ve missed out on 17 years of epic humor?

It’s funny because the “girl” he picked up had a penis!

Mozart Breast-Dancing Girl is Getting Death Threats?


I mean, I guess she actually has received a few deaths threats… But I don’t really know much else about it. I just think the video is very zen and I thought we should all look at it again. And again.

Random ‘GoodFellas’ Actor Sues ‘The Simpsons’ and a Whole Bunch of Other People, Because He Has No Idea How the World Works


And here’s the kicker, he’s suing for $250 Million dollars, because… because… just because.

Bro, you realize that a show like the Simpsons is allowed to satirize just about anything in pop culture that they desire, right? And that this particular character has been on the Simpsons for over 20 years. And that you didn’t create this character. And that you’re an idiot.

$250 million dollars, you’re out of your fucking mind!

The Fuck Happened to You, George Brett?

YouTube Preview Image

I’m watching this MasterCard World Series commercial and the big reveal is that George Brett shows up in the end. And… WHAT… THE… FUCK?

I remember a day when this guy looked normal with a normal looking face. Now he’s got a leathery, hemorrhoid, pine tar soaked sack attached to the top of his neck.

What the fuck did you do, George? You’re only 61 damn years old, AND you have money. How did you let this happen?

Lorde should look much more frightened than she does.

Lorde should look much more frightened than she does.

San Fran Tour Guy Quits Job and Goes On EPIC Rant

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Holy shit this woman has some demons. Yeah we get, you don’t care for Chinatown, way to ruin my tour. And holy fuck does she say fuck a lot. And, the fuck you doing applauding her, passengers? Like you understand where she’s coming from? You’re on a tour so you obviously don’t know the area. You’re basically just applauding racism at this juncture.

You could use a picture of a hot chick in a bikini standing on a beach on a rainy day like today