I’m Shocked That Aaron Hernandez Was Found Guilty Of 1st Degree Murder

Aaron Hernandez muder one

So it ain’t so! I never thought for one moment that Aaron Hernandez was gonna get murder one. Guess what, I think he didn’t either! I always though that the judge was just letting too much evidence slide by. The NFL text, the tattoos, the fact that he shot a bro in the face in Florida. The cards were all coming up money for Aaron. Then boom. Murder one! Justice served. But fuck, I guess I was always hoping that he would get off and be in training camp by August.  So what if you have to kill a few dudes to win Super Bowls, I can live with a murderer on my team. Winning with blood on your hands is way better than losing with tears in your eyes.

Marilyn Manson Taken to Task at Denny’s


I dunno, maybe it was revenge for all the school shootings he gets blamed for or maybe its just because somebody thought Manson kinda sucks. Either way, Brian got his face wailed on recently in a Canadian Denny’s.

The musician plans to sue his attacker citing that the blow may have caused permanent damage, and he fears that his career could be negatively affected if this all results in his face looking weird.


But in all seriousness, get well soon, Marilyn. And stop eating at fucking Denny’s, what the hell’s the matter with you?

And BuffaloGreg Rejoices!

p3Ladies and Gentlemen: The Buffalo Sabres have done what they set out to do this season. They came in dead last place of the entire NHL! Barely pulling it off with 54 points to Arizona’s 56. It was close there at the end but in the end my boys in blue and gold pulled it off. And the people of Buffalo rejoice! Because maybe we’ll murder the draft. Only one last thing to say:

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Today In: The Most Disgusting Shit I’ve Ever Heard News


For those of you who don’t Sprechen Sie Deutsch. This 65 year old woman is about to shoot four children out of her super old vagina. Also, she has 13 other children already running around her German hovel. Me thinks she might be a bit baby crazy…

Did His Girl Bang the Entirety of Wu?

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First of all, ain’t none of you listening?

And I quote: “Wu Tang Clan ain’t nothing to fuck with…”

Sure what this guy says sounds crazy, but after much deliberation BuffaloGreg has reached a verdict.

Verdict: I don’t think she got stuffed by the entire Wu Tang Clan. There’s just too many of them. But it sounds like she at the very least got busy with: Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Rza and Raekwon (the Chef).