And Finally; The Most Fucked Up Costume I’s Seen



I don’t know if it’s the professor from ‘Futurama’ or that dancing ‘Six Flags’ guy; and frankly, I don’t want to fucking know.

No Religious Statement or Anything; But I Kinda Want This Satanist Coloring Book


I dunno, the art is pretty good, and I have some many great ideas as to what Cerberus is dreaming about. If he’s anything like my dog it’s chasing cars and humping legs, am I right?

Phrasing, I Can’t Stress it Enough



Print media, a dying art.

Stay classy, Mark Whicker.

Sure Amanda Bynes Might be Crazy; But If She Wasn’t I Wouldn’t Have a Shot with Her



Amanda Bynes was released from the booby hatch again this week. And sure she doesn’t look like this anymore, but back when she looked like this she only dated members of boy bands.

Now that she’s off her nut, I’m pretty sure I could close the deal with her. And hey, it’s not so bad, she’s still in her twenties and probably still has most of her original teeth.

Today In: WTF Shutterstock


Enough, Europe, enough! There is still absolutely no way that we’re ever going to get into soccer in a big way.

Illinois Cow is the World’s Tallest Cow! (The Fuck?)



I can’t begin to express how disappointed I am with this photo. I was expecting some sort of freak. I’m talking a really tall cow. Look at the lady in front of her. The cow is just slightly taller than her. That lady can be no taller than what? 5’5, 5’6?

Cow’s not even trying here. If she stood on her hind legs she might make 8 even 9 feet. But there’s been taller humans than that, like that one guy that one time.

Now that's tall! Also, I bet he banged those two women something awful that evening.

Now that’s tall! Also, I bet he banged those two women something awful that evening.

A Real Life Buster Bluth Fake Coma



LONDON (AP) — He might have got away with it if it hadn’t been for his supermarket loyalty card.

A British fraudster who pretended to be quadriplegic and sometimes comatose for two years to avoid prosecution has been convicted after police caught him on camera driving and strolling around supermarkets.

Alan Knight of Swansea, Wales, stole more than 40,000 pounds ($64,000) from the bank account of an elderly neighbor with Alzheimer’s disease, prosecutors said.

When police began investigating, the 47-year-old Knight claimed to be quadriplegic and so sick he sometimes fell into a coma. He checked himself into a hospital to avoid court appearances, saying he was having seizures.

This is an epic and ridiculous story. Dude you were doing so well, why the fuck didn’t you have your wife do all the shopping? She was in on it the entire time! Come On!!!!


Forget Costume Accuracy; Bring on the Tits



I’m told she is supposed to be Jessica Rabbit from that late 80’s rabbit related movie. And I love the fact that she didn’t even bother with dying her hair red or putting a wig on, because who give a shit, boobs!

Sometimes I Feel Bad for Samsung



You know those commercials where Samsung is all like: “Hey iPhone your new iPhone 6 is just like our 2010 Samsung Galaxy. What are you doing copying us or something? We’re at Galaxy 9 or some shit, fuck you iPhone!”

It’s just kind of sad that Samsung is so out of touch and they think that this marketing is going to get people to prefer their shitty phone. And I guess Samsung wants everybody to forget that Apple sued their asses a few years ago for copying them.

And Samsung if you fucking stole the design for the iPhone, why are your phones still so shitty?

Miley Cyrus’s Nipple Fell Out Again, So Would You Like To See It?

Miley Cyrus Nipple Out For The Boys

So earlier today, BuffaloGreg wrote about how Miley wore this outfit, he said some shit about it, ya know, he did his job. Now it is time for Muff to do his job. What BuffaloGreg missed was the picture where half of her nipple was hanging out. I have always had one rule, If Miley is showing naughty parts, I will find them and show them. Damn, I deserve a raise. So click on some ads or buy a shirt people. I need to save up some money cause I know Miley will be fucking for money some day and I want to be ready.

Ass Age! Guess The Age Of This Dumpa!

10-30-14 Ass Age

Ass Age! Guess the age of this dump!

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