Russians Love This Hold The Bag Of Cement Mix Over Your Head Prank Don’t They

So simple yet so effective. So simple, yet so stupid. So simple, yet so Russian.

Nina Agdal Sure Has Some Sweaty Boobs!

Nina Agdal sweaty boobs

Nina Agdal is hot as hell. She really is, that is why her body is sweating like a guy who got a lap dance with no money in his pocket. don’t care, I think we would all lick her cleavage and then take a shot of tequila.

Evening Smut

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F*ck Free Friday


This dog friggin loves his Bud Light

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It’s a shame that this pup will never know just how shitty Bud Light actually is.

But at the very least he’s not being an asshole and protecting some high end beer that can only be enjoyed by other assholes.

Today in Yoga Pants…


This made Johnny LOL.


Morning Buns


Evening Smut

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Today in Yoga Pants…


This made Johnny LOL.