Why Yes, This Is The Worlds Strongest Beer

Worlds strongest beerBoozenews.com- Move over, Armageddon. You are no longer the world’s strongest beer, at a mere 65 percent ABV. That title now belongs to Snake Venom, which has an ABV of 67.5 percent.

For comparisons sake, most whiskeys are between 40 and 50 percent ABV.

Both of these potent brews are crafted by Brewmeister, a Scottish brewery. The brewery created Snake Venom after fans deemed Armageddon “too weak” when it debuted in 2012. Snake Venom gets its bite thanks to smoked peat malt and both beer yeast and Champagne yeast.

The beer comes with a warning label warning prospective drinkers not to over-imbibe.

The 275 mL beer is currently retailing for £50 ($81) online.

Now this is a beer worth fucking drinking! One beer will just fuck you up faster than that tampon soaked in vodka that you shoved up your anus. I will say that 81 bucks is a little steep for a Friday night bender but can you really put a price on the ability to blackout after only opening one bottle cap?

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