The News That LMFAO Is Calling It Quits, Makes Me CLALFGWECIC (Cry Like A Little Fat Girl While Eating Chocolate Ice Cream)

HuffPost– LMFAO’s Redfoo is still party rocking, but these days, he’s doing it without his partner-in-fun, Sky Blu.

If there is one thing people could not get enough of, it was the idea of these two constantly Shufflin’.  I don’t think anyone was annoyed by their odd demeanor, the fact that they had stupid hair, dumb pants, and infinitely dumber stage names.

But the fact that I just found out they are Uncle and Nephew (Redfoo is SkuBlu’s Uncle…I feel so dumb writing that).  This know moves me and my Unky Matt into 2nd place in the coolest set of Uncle and Nephew.

…Well with that knowledge, I say Good Riddance



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