The BK Bacon Burger Is Such A Piece Of Letdown

So Your boy Muff went to Burger King and ordered  The BK Bacon Burger, it is the newest burger on the dollar menu.  It is a hamburger with a strip of bacon and a slice of onion bathing in mayo and ketchup.  Sounds awesome, but what a fucking letdown.  First the meat patty was the smallest patty I have ever seen at any fast food joint in my life.  It also came with one piece of bacon, and what the fuck? One onion ring?  Like since when did onion get expensive?  Shit, I don’t even like onions and I was pissed by the lack of food in this burger.

So if you like a slider for a buck, maybe this is for you. But if you want to eat something and get a full feeling in your belly, this is not your burger.

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