The 5 Best Bars To Drink At In Boston On A Tuesday Night

So your boy Muff has a vast knowledge of places to get drunk and what nights are the best to get hammered.  Tuesday has always been one of my personal favorite nights to get your drink on.  But what are the 5 best bars to drink at on a Tuesday night?  Well your friends here at BostonDrunks are here to help.

T’s Pub- by BU on Commonwealth Ave.

Tuesday night is an awesome night at this bar. Besides the $3 PBR and the $24 Bud Light Towers, the Tuesday Night Karaoke is the best in the city.  Nothing quite like drunk coeds singing Journey and drunk guys singing I fucking need you more than ever like on Old School.

The Playwright -Southie

They do the regular old trivia at The Playwright on Tuesday night, but on Tuesday, this bar really brings out some of South Boston’s finest looking women. Not too many cheap drinks here but if we wanted cheap drinks in Southie, we would go to one of the other 45 bars.

Kings-Back Bay

Are you in college? Do you have a college ID? if so you can go to Kings in the Back Bay and bowl for free after 9 P.M.  They also do Stump Trivia starting at 8. What is that? You’re not in college?  Well just go and watch the chicks that are, and help them pick up that 7-10 split.

The Red Hat- Beacon Hill

Yes on Tuesday nights you can enjoy their 10 cent wings.  The best 10 cent wings in the city. So go and grab 50 of them and get your picture on the wall.  Also enjoy cheap pitchers of some of the coldest beer in the city. Not a lot of chicks, but when you are done, take the trip down to the Beacon Hill Pub to get a nightcap and a dirty girl.

Hong Kong- Faneuil Hall

Nothing like starting your Tuesday night off with after work Karaoke and dollar drafts.  Then ending your night with teriykai on a stick and a scorpion bowl. I guess every night is good at the Hing Kong, but for some odd reason, your boy Muff has always liked it here on a Tuesday. Plus nothing beats the $2.00 pot luck beer tub behind the bar.

If you know of any great bars on a Tuesday, please add them in the comments section below:

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