Tales From An Asian Massage Parlor Part One

So your boy Muff is always talking about my adventures at Asian massage parlors and a lot of people are always confused about what goes on behind the doors of these strange little places.  So I guess that is why your boy invented BostonDrunks.com in the first place, to tell people what really happens in a rub and tug shop.

Visiting an Asian massage parlor is awesome, from the time you get to the front door to when your given your piece of hard candy and a pat on the bum. Now i know what your saying, hey Muff I don’t need to visit those places, Hey asshole your dead wrong. You can wash your car yourself but every so often you need to get it detailed.

When you first arrive at the place, you ring a crazy doorbell because the door is always locked.  The old mamasan lady opens the door you pay your $60 to the house and your whisked away into a room to get ready for you hour of bliss.  After stripping down to a towel an attractive Asian woman that may be between 18 to 50 grabs you by the hand and put you in a sauna.

Sitting in the sauna is to build up a nice sweat and to release all the toxins out of ones body.  My asain chick brings me a bottle of water and I drink it down because soon it is off to my favorite part of the evening, the ass cleaning!

You are now brought into a giant shower area with a plastic padded table, the woman then sprays some hot water on the table, rips off your towel and tells you to get face down on the table, Jackpot!  The woman then proceeds to give you a good scrubbing with two giant puffy things and a shitload of soap. Cleaning every part of your body including the places that rarely see the sunshine. Your asshole is so clean after she is done, you can eat lucky charms out of you own ass. She finishes the washing and the rinsing and then you are toweled off. Now off to the massage room.

In the massage room you lay face down on the massage table and you get a massage that starts off with her hands and then has her walking all over your back. The massage is quite average but hey I’m a dude, anytime any chicks wants to massage me, I am down. Now the light fingertip massage starts, this is when they just softly run their hands all over your body and near your boys to arouse your senses.

From this point on you will have to visit a place like this to find out what happens next, lets just say for legal reasons, your boy is not gonna talk about how you can pay $40 for an hand job, or more for “everything”, whoops, oh well!

After your done your deeds, the Asian lady cleans up any dirty places with a hot towel and then helps you get dressed, you are brought to the front door and bang, hard candy and a pat on the ass, “Cum back soon”  Don’t worry lady, we will.

Look for more Tales From An Asian Massage Parlor coming soon.


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