Stephanie From Miami Is Your $114 Dime Piece Girl Of The Day

So what is a $114 Dime Piece Girl? She is hot, she is cool, she is sexy, she is awesome, she is worth spending 114 dollars on. You see the average cost of a date is now 114 dollars, That includes just dinner and a movie! So if you’re gonna spend that kind of money, she better be worth it. Stephanie From Miami is worth spending $114 dollars on!

So here’s the deal, we are looking for nominations for $114 Dime Piece’s. Send your nominations to our facebook page, twitter or email:

Every 114 days, were gonna give away $114.00 to the best looking $114 Dime Piece Girl so she can take some one out on a date and pay for it her self. So ladies if you want to win some cash, contact us! Guys know a hot chick that could win money and then maybe she will take you out with her winnings, contact us! Help us out America and lets give hot chicks some cash!

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