That Rack Belongs To Whitney Port From The Hills And The City

Ah Good old Whitney Port, you sneaky devil wearing a nude colored bra.  You got my hopes all up thinking I was gonna see some ta-ta’s, but shattered that dream with your camo bra.  Where have you been Whitney?

#8- Southie Beaches

Southie is no longer the land of teenage pregnant chicks pushing strollers around Broadway anymore.  It is now a place where young hot city girls go to live, drink, and tan on the beach.  Carson Beach and M St. Beach are the places to hang out. Southie Beaches are now like the places to be to check out chicks that are wearing next to nothing. Bring your lotion and your neighbors new puppy and get ready to play in the sand.

Next place to find hotties in Beantown.

The Traffic Sucks To And From The Cape

Only shitheads from Boston would sit in four hour traffic just to get away from it all.  The traffic to the cape sucks, people try to get around it by leaving work at like ten in the morning on Fridays. No matter when you leave there is always fucking traffic, people just can’t drive down Route 3 without sucking at it. Rt. 3 sucks and then you have to cross some shitty bridge that was built for my grampa’s 54 Buick, grampa is dead and so is my hope of going faster than 25 miles per hour once I get to cranberry country.

The worst part about the traffic is that I am always stuck next to some douche bag in a Jeep Wrangler that is blasting some shitty ass music for all of Plymouth county to hear. Hey assshole I don’t like Maroon 5 and I don’t like you.

I also feel like as soon as I get down to the Cape, it is time to turn back around and sit in that shitty traffic one more time so I can get home and blog about home much the cape sucks

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That Rack Belongs To Jenny Poussin

My God what a rack!  Jenny Poussin is a adult model that just leaves the smoke and just brings the fire with those big ass titties! Oh yea she is Canadian also, I see her as a future Canadian Chick Of The Week.