If You Have Never Had Razcal Soda, Your Just Not Cool Like Muff

Razcal drink

When I was just a little teen heartthrob Muff back in the 90’s, I would drive my badass Ford Tempo down to Sudbury Pizza Place and get me some of the best slices of pizza on the planet. While eating my food, I would wash it down with a ice cold Razcal soda. Razcal was the bomb.

Razcal was a raspberry-lime soda and it was fucking awesome! They had the best tag line ever, “nobody famous drinks it” Well guess what Razcal, your boy Muff did and now I am famous as fuck!

I guess Razcal went out of business or got sued by Polar beverages or something like that. All I know is that when I get rich off this website, I am gonna remake this shit. Also this was awesome with a little stolen vodka from the parents liquor cabinet.

So if you never had Razcal Soda, you not cool like Muff, Iff you have had this shit, you can buy it off me again someday.

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