Morning Wood With Amy Rutberg AKA The Kindle Girl

Morning all! Today we have the sexy ass Amy Rutberg. Who the fuck is that, well you know her as the girl from the Amazon Kindle ads. Love her giant eyes and her crazy smile, she almost makes me want to buy an electronic book reader, almost!


Morning Wood With Amy Rutberg AKA The Kindle Girl — 1 Comment

  1. I totally agree! Sexy-as-hell Amy Rutberg has definitely got to be the sexiest, sweetest, prettiest girl on the planet. I am serious!! I fell deeply in love with her as soon as I saw her first Amazon Kindle commercial. It’s those giant eyes, gorgeous face, lovely blond hair, and that crazy smile! And God, what a sexy killer voice she has! Like sweet angelic music. I want to MARRY her! This chick is no dumb blonde–she has numerous degrees in law, polirical science, etc. and started college at 16! She’s about 30 now. I was so disheartened when her Kindle Girl persona was discontinued. What a huge mistake Amazon made. Amy was absolutely PERFECT! She’s a talented young actress and she’ll be back!

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