Meet Braco The Healer. The Man With The Greatest Scam Of All Time

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So have you seen this guy they call Braco?  If not here is his deal:  Braco stands in front of a crowd of people and stares at them and heals them.  Braco does not speak,  Braco does not touch.  Braco just looks at you and all of your medical problems go away.  Bracois so good that if you bring a picture of someone you know with a medical problem, he can cure them through Kodak therapy.  Oh and by the way, Braco charges people to come and see him.

This is the greatest scam of all time.  This guy has the overhead of nothing.  He needs no microphone, he needs no band, he needs no building, he need no Jesus cookie, nothing.  Braco just rakes in the cash by looking at you.  Maybe I should end this website shit and just start staring at people for cash

look into MuffBraco’s eyes and you will be instantly healed of all of your problems, now pay me 20 bucks so MuffBraco can be healed of all of his problems including his lack of boat problem.


Meet Braco The Healer. The Man With The Greatest Scam Of All Time — 23 Comments

  1. A month ago my mother has been healed against the pedictions of the doctor, I have been healed from my bad cold today and the same has happend to our cat. We have been very thanful to Braco as many,manyother people, I have been sorry for you because you are angry. I think that you just need more love form others. God bless you.

  2. maybe you were healed by my photo, if that is the case you owe me 500 bucks, Muff Braco the great healer!

  3. We have not been healed by your photo and we have not seen you before. You should not be that ironic!

    We spoke with many other people who have been healed by Braco as well. A lot of people cried when he looked at them even men and felt hot energy as we did. Beside this, I have seen a light around Braco’s head and a very strong light coming from his eyes when he looked at me. We all have felt big gratitude for all healing work to Braco. The healing is an amazing fact! I am feel sorry for you that you did not experience anything. Have you even seen him?

    I really do not understand your anger and ignorance toward this blessed man. And, is this really worthwhile to spend your energy and open a blog like this? Braco would not read it anyway and the people still love him because we see what he have done. He does not advertise and does not speak in public for years. The fees for the rental of the spaces where he heals are nothing. To rent a big space daily cost thousands of dollars. I know about it the best because of the character my work.

    I have a great idea! I am going take your photo with me to the next gazing, so HE will help you to stop feeling that anger and be happy joyful man! Yes!

    God bless!

  4. you can try it for yourself but if nothing happen, you still can’t claim it’s a scam yet… find the people who said they were healed by Braco and proved them all to be lying, then I will believe you that Braco is a scam.

  5. I merely thought about Braco’s healing gaze and a tumor came out of my abdomen! Don’t doubt the power of Braco’s gaze! I am going to send him money now. Thanks you braco!

  6. MuffBraco! This stuff made me laugh harder than I have in weeks – and I was in a crappy mood earlier today. Thanks! Now that’s what I call good medicine! (sorry dude, wasn’t the gaze, and I ain’t gonna send you 20 bucks) Keep up the good …um… “healing” work! All the rest of y’all, with all due respect, you might want to check out an article or so on this thing called the “placebo effect.” If you buy into something, it tends to work for you. If you’re gonna blow you’re cash on a placebo, at least make like giving to a charity or doing some community service will heal you instead of giving your hard-earned money on some dishonest kook. That way you get healed and so do others in need. It really rubs me the wrong way when people market something in the name of spirituality…. Marketing a legitimate product and making money is fine. Spirituality is fine. Making spirituality a product in order to con people into giving you money…that ain’t fine. Not by a long shot!

  7. He seems like a positive good person. I kinda laughed but muff is jut a negative arrogant person.

  8. This Braco healer does seem sincere and he is not charging a lot of money ($8 dollar per session in person and $ 3 online). There are many healing methods and a new field of energetic medicine is developing. I suppose there are many frauds or less effective healers, but that does not mean there is nothing to healing, prayer, meditation and the entire body/mind/soul field. It needs to be investigated and explored and perfected. Both alternative and traditional medicine should be effectively used. I hope that everyone can learn to develop their full potential, including healing gifts that may be something that everyone can develop and share. Mixing money and spirituality is very touchy subject for some. But people in this energetic field need to get compensated for their efforts. Not many can work for nothing. There are some that do provide free services who are with spiritual organizations. But even these spiritual organization need donations to survive. What we want to see is that all organizations operate in a transparent and ethical manner, whether money is involved or not.

  9. I just had my first live streaming gaze with Braco. I believe he killed my baby!

  10. This made me laugh so hard. Thank you! I have tears in my eyes! 🙂

  11. I also have a lack of boat problem. Can I please help you gaze?

  12. He charges $8 a session. Hardly raking in the big bucks. I heard about a woman who has received healing from him. She was unable to work for many years and now she can work again. Definitely worth $8.

  13. Before you criticize it, fork over the eight bucks when/if he is in your town and see if anything happens. At this moment in time, you are the equivalent of a restaurant critic publishing a negative review of a restaurant you never visited. Just sayin’.

  14. Alohaaa.. Braco , is a good man who takes no money for the work he does.. If there is a need and he is invited , he will come… The coordinators finds a space for him, rents it, pays for the tickets to be printed, advertises and pays for it.. Buys a round trip economy class ticket for him and his helper , pays for a hotel room and pays for his vegetarian food while he is there …. Then he goes to the next country or state that invites him and so forth.. Braco also asks his coordinators to not charge more than 8$ because of the numerology significance of the number 8 and the no. 3.. They than have a slew of volunteers to assist in whatever is needed.. The coordinators then make sure that they at least have enough people to pay for everything they already paid for.. And let’s not forget about the video and book sales.. Each video bought pays the film team that does them.. That’s right … The team not Braco. … $ 1 of each video and book sold goes toward the center he lives at that is open for so many whenever he is home.. For free… Thank you so much for writing this blog and allowing me to comment.. It is my pleasure to assure you that he is just a vessel that allows a truly wonderful energy to flow through him… And that he has basically chosen to unconditionally continue his work, even leaving his wife and son sometimes for extended periods of time… He is loving and kind, funny and truly gods child.. And as he says ” I only show you a mirror from which you can see yourself through… ” on that note… May you find what you are looking for.. And that it will bless you with the ability to see things through gods eyes and not through our own limited human ones… Mahalo, aka


    Yes the universe is wonderful, and miracles do happen, but you don’t need Braco to experience this. If you are a true spiritual seeker, join a secret mystery school, you will become your own ‘Braco’ and be charged nothing for it.. if you can find the right school that is. GOOD LUCK!

    Remember that YOUR inner light is your guide, NOT someone else’s. And while this light is transmittable, this transmitting is never done in public, nor is any ‘compensation’ or ‘donation’ even allowed. Follow YOUR light, not ‘bracos’… gaze with your loved ones and see if you can heal each other… or does that take too much effort???????

  16. How the fuck do you know Braco is a ‘good man’. You only see him on camera and in the public arena.. behind closed doors he could be a serial rapist. HOW DO YOU KNOW?

  17. Saw Braco for mild acne and now I have hemorrhoids. What a scam! The seats were uncomfortable and Braco kept looking at my crotch!

  18. Bra o kept LOOKING AT YOUR WHAT? Now maybe you know what he’s grinning about.

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