Is this Lorde Chick The Most Awkward/Ugly Looking Singer While Singing In The History Of Music?

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So your boy Muff say this chick Lorde on Jimmy Fallon last night, damn she was awkward as fuck.

Really made me think that she may be the most awkward/ugly ass singer I have ever seen. I had to put up two different videos of her just because I had to make sure she wasn’t trippin balls one time.  Like I know she is 16 years old, but is she having a seizure? Is she related to Bob Dylan? What the fuck? I just want to yell OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES! Also she is 16 years old with the dance moves of my grandmother.

Also she looks like Mortisha Adams from the Adams family

Lorde looks like mortisha AdamsAlso on a completely side note: How gay is the guy with the hat on in the background of the Fallon video?

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