I Am So Grossed Out With This Snooki Vagina Picture Just Because She Will Be Poping Out A Little Guido Out Of It Soon

Yea maybe it is the pose that she is doing or the fact that her who-ha has more miles on it than my first car, but I am a little freaked out about this Snooki vagina picture that is going around.  We can’t show it on the front page, you’re gonna have to click-through to see it, Warning, once you see Snooki pussy, you can never un-see Snooki pussy.

Snooki pussy, enjoy, or not!

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Muff Written by:

Muff is fat, drunk, and stupid. Somehow he made it long enough in life to start BostonDrunks.com.


  1. Anonymous
    March 31

    I’d fuck the shit outta Snooki

  2. Anonymous
    April 19

    god dam girl yo puss wet

  3. Jamie Sheppard
    January 9

    I’d suck that fat pussy dry @then lick that fine fuckn ass after that I’d fuck that pussy raw

  4. Anonymous
    March 11

    Pussy little as shit

  5. Anonymous
    March 22

    make my dick hard i wanna fuck that pussy . damn

  6. Mud
    March 26

    I never liked the weekly but she has a perfect little gsh and cute feet. I know Jonny can’t fuck her good.

  7. Anonymous
    August 6

    I’d fuck that so hard

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