I Am So Grossed Out With This Snooki Vagina Picture Just Because She Will Be Poping Out A Little Guido Out Of It Soon

Yea maybe it is the pose that she is doing or the fact that her who-ha has more miles on it than my first car, but I am a little freaked out about this Snooki vagina picture that is going around.  We can’t show it on the front page, you’re gonna have to click-through to see it, Warning, once you see Snooki pussy, you can never un-see Snooki pussy.

Snooki pussy, enjoy, or not!

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I Am So Grossed Out With This Snooki Vagina Picture Just Because She Will Be Poping Out A Little Guido Out Of It Soon — 60 Comments

  1. Gotta give her props fOr the pose whether u think she’s hot or not lol

  2. I’d fist her pussy so hard until she squirts all over me

  3. I’d do er but where are her pussy lips? Cause I would fuk the sh!t out of her

  4. I would suck on that pussy until she had the biggest wettest orgasm and cummed all over me

  5. Didn’t half the world already see her puss anyway? Why did we need a picture? Can’t wait till her kid sees what a piece of filth she is. And see that roast beef vag is crawled out of..

  6. Snooki you suck and so does your nasty ass pussy u fat dirtbag. Look at those thighs. I’m surprised you could even see a pussy though all that cottage cheese

  7. I would fuck u so heard in the pussy u woulded walk strate for a week then I would eat that pussy a cum all over ur big wet pussy

  8. I would like to say she is a cute and hot bitch and her pussy looks nice and tight I would stick my tongue in her sweet wet pink pussy and eat her out then I would stick my hard cock in her pussy and bang her real hard till I cum in her tight cunt!!

  9. Sorry for interrupting,i know that her pussy is pink and bla bla bla and i like snooki,but my pussy is bigger enough and i dont think that my pussy can open as much as her pussy can… So WTF!? I think this is not the moment for a photograph of her pussy… Byee!!

  10. No joke I would seriously eat it…I’m a sucker for thick thighs and fat pussy

  11. Got to be honest – I jerked off to this pic 3 times! I don’t care how nasty she is. Her pussy makes me hard and I would eat that snatch all day long!

  12. i would rather see sammy sweathearts pussy, that pussy i would lick for hours till she squirted all over my tounge

  13. I would fuck her so hard until she cums shove that dick up in there

  14. i would fuck her all day n all night then i would cum on her face than i would pet my bick beteen her tits

  15. If I had no choice I would hit that. If you had a girls pussy in front of you like that don’t tell me you wouldn’t hit that if you had no choice. I don’t find her that attractive but If I had to I would hit it just to get off. Especially if you haven’t gotten laid in awhile.

  16. Snookie has a really pretty vagina, I’m surprised…..but I’m sure it stank

  17. I’d suck that fat pussy dry @then lick that fine fuckn ass after that I’d fuck that pussy raw

  18. I never liked the weekly but she has a perfect little gsh and cute feet. I know Jonny can’t fuck her good.

  19. Been there done hit dat!……….her who-ha’s got too may miles on it!
    She should have at least bleached her azzhole…brown crust marked hole

  20. Id bring her to hawaii and me and all my friends can take turns on her

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