Have You Seen Sexy Danielle Kn Yet?


So this is Danielle Kn, she is an up and coming model that is fucking hot as my balls in August.  She loves the blue steel look and has a body that is made of steel as well. Kaboom goes my underwear!


Have You Seen Sexy Danielle Kn Yet? — 3 Comments

  1. You’d be best to steer clear of this piece of work. She may look all sweet and innocent,but she tried to set her ex live in boyfriend up as assaulting her to get rid of him. Claimed he was drunk and punched and smacked her. Funny thing,though,no marks were seen on her for the next photo shoot taken a couple of days later…and he got off in court for no proof of said assault. Whatever happened to saying,it was nice,but now it’s over?? Sad bit of dramatics.

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