Grilling season is here.


If you have a grill, a brain, and a set of balls, a steak house should have nothing on you.  I have never had a better steak than from my own grill and I’ll share some pointers.  1. Rub the steak in coarse kosher salt at least an hour before cooking but not longer than a day.  Place a the steak on a cooling rack in a bake sheet in the fridge covered in paper towel.  This causes the outside of the steak to dry a bit and allows the enzymes within the steak to start breaking down fibrous material to make it more tender.  Why would you want the outside dry?  It allows for better browning in which the Maillard reaction takes place.  A grey steak is caused by the steak’s own steam cooking the meat.  Steam is the enemy.  2.  Pepper the steak and let the steak come up to room temperature for an hour or two, depending on thickness, before cooking.  This will allow you better control.  The exception being extremely thin steaks which you may want to throw in the freezer for 15min before cooking.  3. Have no fear of the heat.  I say grill steaks every time because I let ’em smoke and I don’t want that in my house.  Oil up your grill with some peanut oil or other high smoke point oil, get it to 500+ degrees, and throw on your steak.  A thicker fattier steak needs to be cooked at lower temperatures to avoid the fat setting fire to the neighborhood.  If you have a really thick steak you can pre-brown the outside with a propane torch which will give you your nice browned crust and allow you to cook the steak at a lower temperature more evenly.  4. Call me a hack but I cut into the thickest piece to check for doneness.  when I plate the steaks I take the cut piece for myself and plate it cut side down so I still look like a boss.  If you don’t want to do that by all means use a thermometer, they work.  5. Let the meat rest.  when you cook meat the fibers and proteins contract which will force water out and make it seem tough.  If you put the steaks on a plate under a loose piece of aluminum foil for 5-15 minutes the steaks will “relax,” reabsorb their juices, and will be more tender.  5.  Ask a butcher, a real one, any question you want about steaks and they will gladly share their expertise.  And you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg either… Happy grilling

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