In Brazil, They Don’t Take Handicapped Parking Lightly

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Larry David once had problems with “pig parkers,” but never did he have the gall to jump in and do something about it. The entire country of Brazil had a different take on things.

‘Cause, F that guy, right? Plus it was kind of funny when they plastered his car with all that handicapped insignia.

Although, now that his car looks like that, the next time he parks in a handicapped space he probably won’t even get a ticket. So the joke’s on you, Brazilian justice!

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Lunacy on the Subway

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This one’s quick, but it has the making of Youtube clip of the year. It has everything that you want from a 10 second video. Crazy shirtless guy, jumping, giggles.

And he almost made it too, but don’t worry folks, he’s all right!

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Teddy Bear Vagina Cake: You Be the Judge



I’d warn you that this is NSFW, but this woman who claims to see a vagina in this child’s cake is so far out of her mind that I won’t even bother.

I mean, look at it. This claim is very far fetched, even for the far fetched. Where are we living now, that this is taken seriously?

I dunno, I kinda want some cake now, though.

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Down Goes Warren Sapp


Holy crap, Warren, you’ve lost your mind! In a period of five years you go from the most entertaining commentator in sports to a guy who gets busted with prostitutes every five seconds and now “allegedly biting and stomping” your girlfriend.

Bad form, Warren. Jesus, when you can’t trust the maniac defensive tackle from Tampa, who can you trust?

Shame on you, Sapp!

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Wozniak Says Robots Will Be Our Overlords

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, speaks at the ICSC Retail Real Estate World Summit in Shanghai September 13, 2012. REUTERS/Aly Song  (CHINA - Tags: BUSINESS REAL ESTATE) - RTR37WWO

Remember Steve Wozniak? The other founder of Apple computers that wasn’t Steve Jobs. Well, he’s back from some reason. And it appears that he is still do as much LSD as he and Jobsie used to do back in his garage in the 70’s.

Cause this guy is really concerned about us all becoming pets for robots. Yes, TRUE, he said he was comforted by the fact that we will so be treated like Labrador Retrievers by the robot race that will soon take over the planet.

C’mon, Steve. The newest greatest thing you can come up with right now is a friggin’ watch with a calculator attached. I think we have some time before Terminators and what not.

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Eich Watch: 2015

Boston University forward Jack Eichel skates around Merrimack College defenseman Jared Kolquist, left, and another Merrimack player. Photo by Michelle Jay/Along the Boards

The 2015 NHL draft is vastly approaching. And my Buffalo Sabres want some skaters and we wants them now!

Will we lock down Jack Eichel 24 hours from now or will we leave disappointed, kinda. Either way it’s looking to be a good, deep draft for my boys in blue and gold, but only time will tell.

Also, will we really, really do it this time with a standout from Boston University?

We’ll see, we’ll fuckin’ see…

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Screech In Jail



Oh how the mighty have fallen…

… Also Screech.

Dustin Diamond sentenced to 4 months for a stabbing he was involved in on Christmas Day 2014.

But all things considered, most of us thought Screech would be dead by now, so you’re doing better than expected, Dustin!

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Chris Christie Announces Presidential Run. Because… Chris Christie?



Sure, he’s fat, crooked and tiring to most people. But… it’s his turn. He and the Republican party have talked ad nauseam and they agreed that if the fat fuck wants to run he as just as much right as the other old tired candidates. Besides, “It’s gonna be Jeb Bush anyway,” they’ve already decided.

So, enjoy the fat man while he last everybody! It should be some entertainment.

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Supreme Court Rules: ObamaCare Wins!



C’mon, who’d a thought this group of primarily conservative goats would have let ObamaCare to continue on living?

I did. People like ObamaCare because it actually helps them. And sure… SURE, the Supreme Court is a bunch of old cranky white guys who love guns, money and stepping on the little guy’s neck. But they just don’t want to be bothered with all the negative backlash.

So, sure they’re old and retarded, but they’re not willing to fight for it. They have a good gig and they just wanna coast till they die.

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The Struts’ Lead Singer is Basically Freddie Mercury

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BuffaloGreg is a huge fan of the UK band, The Struts. Why is this? Firstly, they have a solid sound in a market where an unique sound isn’t always glorified, luckily The Struts stood out. But most importantly, because their lead singer is Freddie Mercury reincarnated. Now, I know this kid probably lived at the same time Fred lived, but I think their is something to say to the fact that: Maybe he wasn’t?

C’mon he sounds and kinda looks exactly like Freddie, amiright?

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