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Black Mass Looks Fucking Boss From The Trailer

Fucking take my money Hollywood. Where is my extra large popcorn and 72 oz Coke. Black Mass looks like the kind of movie that I am gonna have to see in a rich white suburb cause you know people are gonna be yelling “aw shit” and “mutha fucka” at the screens in the urban theaters. Shit, I had to see The Departed twice just cause at the end when Damon shoots every one, the fucking Boston Common Lowes became the loudest place on the planet. Seriously, one guy in front of me stood up and was yelling “Shit nigga” over 100 times in a four minute span.

Come to think of it, maybe I will go and see it at the common for the added entertainment value.

Just A Video Of A Drunk Scottish Guy Getting Hit By A Bus

You know right now this guy is hammered some where talking to his lads about the time he got hit by the fucks bus. Also as a rule of thumb, no matter how drunk you get, getting a piggyback ride from your buddy is never a good idea.

Miley Cyrus In Yoga Pants Is Worth A Look

Miley Cyrus Yoga pants

I know we have seen Miley Cyrus naked and near naked so many times that her wearing yoga pants would be a bore, but sometimes you just want the classics. Miley in yoga pants is vintage. It brings you back to a time when you would have cut off a nut to see her boobs. By the way, thank god I still have 2 nuts, after seeing those tits, I would have wanted a ball return.

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That’s Some Cold Shit, Popeye’s Chicken!”


A Texas location of fast-food chicken chain Popeyes allegedly fired a pregnant shift manager after her store was robbed by a masked gunman. Marissa Holcomb couldn’t open the safe, but she gave the robber $400 from the register. She says a manager gave her a choice: reimburse the company for the stolen money or lose her job.

She chose the second option, and two days after the armed robbery, she was fired.

A spokesperson for the owner of that Popeyes’ franchise told Houston’s KHOU that Holcomb was technically let go because she’d left too much money in the register, something the company says she’d been warned about before.

Holcomb disputes their claim that she should have put the money in the safe sooner. She told KHOU that March 31, the day of the robbery, was exceptionally busy because of a special offer on two-piece chicken meals, and the money in the register was “what we made within one hour.”

Fortunately, Popeyes’ national office has gotten involved, telling the franchise owner to “reach out to the employee to apologize and rectify the situation,” according to a statement from the CEO Wednesday.

That same day, Holcomb met with franchise owner Amin Dhanani, who apologized and offered to let her return to the job with $2,000 in back pay.

How awkward is her first day back gonna be? Fuckers will be all like: “Oh shit, it was nothing personal… we uh… we uh… fuck… he’s $2,000 more dollars to ensure we never have to talk about this shit again.”

In the store’s defense though, when they have sales on those two-piece chicken meals, shit gets bananas and there’s not much anybody can do.