Drinking In…Weymouth Ma.


Sometimes you just want to get out of the city and hit the suburbs. Welcome to the South Shore city of Weymouth Mass. People tell me that Weymouth is where all the people who move from Southie move too. So you know it has a shitload of bars and liquor stores.  Muff from BostonDrunks went to this city and scoped out the area. So lets go Drinking In…Weymouth!

Your boy Muff and his driver pulled off of Route 3 south and hit the city of Weymouth. Our first stop was a liquor store so we can pound a Twisted Tea can in the parking lot and get the scoop on where to go. Our first stop was Granite Liquors. (622 Middle St, East Weymouth) We were told to go here by one of our Twitter followers for their awesome beer selection and boy was he right. It is a little strange to be buying my booze next to Shaws and a nail salon, but I would be lying if I told you that the dollar store called “It’s a dollar store” didn’t make me laugh. They have just about every single beer you could ask for. (Granite Liquors, not the dollar store) They have an entire aisle of just beer from around the world. Also a nice touch was the cooler of ghetto beers and Four Loco. We grabbed a sixer of Woodchuck and starting asking people where our next stop should be.


We were told by our cashier to go and hit Union Brewhouse. (550 Washington St, Weymouth) The Union Brewhouse was right around the corner from the liquor store and we decided that is where our journey shall begin.  The Union Brewhouse looks like someones house from the outside but it is warm an friendly on the inside. I got myself a bottle of Woodchuck. The staff is nice. The beer is cold. The outdoor patio was the place to find hot Weymouth ass. This is the place that all the yuppies and beer lovers hang out at. I asked people about the food,  of course they said it was good. But I wanted to eat in someplace where I can get giant portions and cheap beer.  I was sent in the right direction by a fellow patron.

My driver and I were off to the Main Street Grille (1400 Main St, Weymouth) Another place that looks like a house but people told me I had to eat here. Plus the $2 Coors Lights also helped sway my decision to eat here. I got the Buffalo Chicken Baked Mac & Cheese and it was good. So were the 6 Coors Lights that I had drank along with it.  This place has that family feel yet can still pass as shitty enough to get hammered in. People told me they have bands there but I don’t see how since the place was small.  I will say that when my meal and 6 beers cost only $28, I’ll take that all day long. By the way on Mondays they have $4 pizzas and still have those $2 Coors Lights! Booyah!

My belly was full and I wanted to go to a dive bar. We were told to head to Bucks Bar (416 Middle St, Weymouth) and yep, it was a fucking dive bar. Bucks was the kind of place that looks like you’re gonna get shot while walking into, but once you are inside, you are not a patron of Bucks, you’re a part of Bucks. This is the place where you can shoot darts and possible make many bad decisions with shady people. So of course I loved it. We shot darts with some guy that looked like he would be in the Hells Angels. Your boy Muff even beat him in a game of cricket and the dude bought me a Bud Light.  The beers are cold and normally priced.  As much as I love a good dive bar, we had to journey onward.

A drunken woman at Bucks told us to head to Hajjar’s, (969 Washington St)  She said that this was the place where everyone in Weymouth goes to party. We pulled into the parking lot and had to park in the back, shit this place was packed. They had a band playing tonight and people were there to party. Let me tell you one thing. What happens at Hajjar’s stays at Hajjar’s. This place had a mix of 40 somethings down to 21 year old chicks. The place looks a lot like a lodge that your father would belong too. Looks like they always have food specials as well. I ordered a Jack & Coke and the bartender charged me $3. Nice! Too bad my next one was $4. Not so nice! After a few drink I was loving this place. This place had made us sitting in rush hour traffic hours earlier worth it. At this point the band was rocking and I was fucking drunk. My driver and I left with no local chicks and headed back to Boston.

Overall I think that Weymouth is a great place to go Drinking In.  The people were great and the booze was cold. We ate, shot darts, and listened to a shitty band play Jessie’s Girl. If I need to go back to Weymouth and visit some other places, let me know in the comments section. So it is time to go off to another city or town, and remember people, be nice, you never know where Muff will be Drinking In… next.

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