An alligator with sunglasses, now I’ve seen everything: until now!

It's like hotcakes from McDonalds, only different...

It’s like hotcakes from McDonalds, only different…

Vladimir Putin butt plugs!
That’s right people, stick it to the man! So to speak…

St. Patrick’s Day survey #5


Who’s the most St. Patrick’s Day celebrity of all time?:

Liam Neeson: 21%
Daryl from ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Boondock Saints’: 10%
Bill Russell (Celtics, bitch!): 10%
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: 6%
Gerald FitzPatrick: 2%
Patrick FitzGerald: 2%
Other: 49%

So, the headline tells me: NFL QB marries an Olympic gymnast


But does anybody seriously consider Brady Quinn an NFL Quarterback?
I certainly don’t!
Get fucked, Brady.

The headline should be: ‘Some guy marries an Olympic gymnast, whom nobody cares about anyway!’

Just give us the goddamned dragons already!

YouTube Preview Image

I’m already tired of the ‘GOT’ trailers. Most of them are misleading. And they show characters that are going to die quickly, so what’s the point?

Yah, the dragons are getting big, and Sansa is full of angst.

Let’s just get to the premiere, anything before that is bollocks! Also, I’ve read the books, so what do I know?

Thinking about filling out a March Madness bracket?

Eight days prior, it's still blank as fuck. What could you possibly do? Nothing! That's what!

Eight days prior, it’s still blank as fuck. What could you possibly do? Nothing! That’s what!

Don’t do it! It may seem like a chance to win big. But it’s never, ever going to happen!
BuffaloGreg came close 5 years ago, but there’s always going to be that one game that puts you right outside of the money.
Take your $5-10 buy in, and spend it on POLER instead. (Or go back in time and put it on the Seahawks, like I told ya) You have a waaaaay better chance of winning.
Bracket pools are stupid!
Or do it, I don’t care…

Miley and ourselves lie to everybody



So I’m told that Miley preformed in underwear because she missed a costume change, by accident!

That’s obviously not what actually happened. That’s obviously NOT what happened. She wanted to do it, so she did.

Any other excuse is a total lie, and you know it!

Deer in headlights, Beth, leaves ‘Walking Dead’ and doesn’t give a damn!

Oh, If only you weren't Beth!

Oh, If only you weren’t Beth!

She’s gone, ladies and gentlemen. And now, Daryl is alone. This is not by accident. Beth may come back later in the series, but she won’t ruin episodes for a long time coming. So, good on ya, ‘Walking Dead’ producers!

Licking my app is the same as licking puss-ay!


Yes, there is now an app that makes it easier for those unfamiliar with oral sex to learn to please the pussy.
I reckon that’s how the kids are learning it these days. So, uh… it’s probably better then my dad talking to me over 20+ porno mags spread out over my bed…
If this works for you, let me know!

Oh, there was a time!

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon - Season 4

There was a time when we all agreed that Jimmy Fallon wasn’t funny. What the hell happened to that time?
All of a sudden he’s the king of “late night.”
Have people already forgot: Colbert, Conan Etc.?

Mendenhall retires? What the hell, dick?

"Oops! I just ruined my life!"

“Oops! I just ruined my life!”

You’re 26 years old! And you feel you’ve had enough?
I’m just gonna say it. This is a horrifying decision! Even when Tiki Barber did it at all of 31, it was foul!
What other skills do you think you possibly have?
You have the world on your plate and you decide to do this!
Crazy, moron parade happening right about now…

Miley classes it up a notch with her fisting dildo


It’s pretty Regal for a fisting device…

Yes, people are going to go nuts again. But it’s just because Miley is doing something, and not because the behavior is really that shocking.
It’s just a rubber toy, after all. Also, the fingers are straight and the palm is relaxed. What kind of “fisting” is done when the hand is not in a fist?

Wait, there’s still more!


Remember the girl who got arrested and then shortly afterward admitted to a sexual relationship with her own brother? Well, she got arrested again. This time for getting in a physical altercation with her husband (no relation).
Wait, there’s more
The fight was over an argument involving a cellphone, and not because she admitted to sleeping with her brother only five days previous…
Priorities, hmmm?

Google Doodle tells me that it’s ‘International Women’s Day.’


Which is nice. But remember ladies, this is INTERNATIONAL Women’s day. So you girls from the USA, don’t try to make this all about you. National Women’s Day will come in its own time.

Aaron Paul talks about his wild night with Michael Jackson


Aaron Paul recently told Jimmy Kimmel that ten years ago, he and MJ had a wild night that involved loads of tequila. This is one of those stories that show the fun side of the infamous…
Wait… wait… Michael Jackson died under mysterious circumstances! They never checked for ricin! THEY NEVER CHECKED FOR RICIN!!!!

Clippers straight-up murder the Lakers 142-94!


I don’t know what surprises me more. That the Clippers took the Lakers to task and beat them by nearly 50 points. Or the fact that they scored 142 points in a goddamned NBA game!

Where’d the ‘Red Stripe’ guy go?

YouTube Preview Image

I miss drinking ‘Red Stripe’ in the afternoon on beaches.
I also miss the constant fear that a small Jamaican guy is following me every time I have a sip.
Where you been, ‘Red Stripe’ guy? I haven’t seen you since, I dunno, 2011?

Come back 'Red Stripe' guy. Seriously, no questions asked.

Come back ‘Red Stripe’ guy. Seriously, no questions asked.

Upskirt photos ruled legal by Massachusetts court


This may be a loss for individual’s personal privacy. But it’s definitely a win for every Japanese man ever.
(Because they really enjoy upskirt shots, you see.)


Black market Pakistani Viagra knows what will get the ladies in the mood!

p8 p9

President Obama, of course.
Viagra is illegal in Pakistan, so, Obama Viagra packaging; let freedom ring!

I’m completely in love with Carey Mulligan, but she makes the worst f^$king movies!

Carey Mulligan begins filming the new movie Suffragette, which tells the story of the foot soldiers of the early feminist movement. Featuring: Carey Mulligan Where: London, United Kingdom When: 24 Feb 2014 Credit:

Suffragette? Suffragette? Yeah, that will have them rolling in the aisles.
Come on girl! Do something fun where your face doesn’t look all washed out, with your little or no makeups.
Or do what you want. I don’t care. I just realized that I haven’t mentioned Carey Mulligan in awhile.

Dude, that's way better

Dude, that’s way better

Throwback Thursday

Black History Month 2014

I completely forgot about you until about Feb. 22nd. But now that it’s March, I can’t help but missing you. Same time next year?

BuffaloGreg random thought


They should totally change the name of Sarah Lawrence College, to Jennifer Lawrence College. Why? Because JLaw is the biggest, coolest thing right now. And modern colleges should change with the times.
Besides, who the hell is Sarah Lawrence anyway? This is who came up when I Google imaged Sarah Lawrence.

That’s not Sarah Lawrence, that’s Emma Roberts! Why would I get Emma Roberts, when I want a picture of Sarah Lawrence. Why? Because Sarah Lawrence is a nobody who has no business having a prestigious school named after her. Also, tons of people would totally go to Jennifer Lawrence College. Also, now that I think about it, I believe Emma Roberts went to Sarah Lawrence…

Just a completely normal (not strange at all), picture of Jennifer Lawrence posing with a cardboard cutout of her younger self…


Is it at all unhinged of me, that I want to see them kiss? Or at the very least guest lecture a Woman’s studies class at Sarah Lawrence College?