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Estelle George Hot And Sexy 6

Estelle George is a large amount of lava blonde model from New South Wales, Australia. You know she has that Crocodile Dundee accent and could probably handle a knife. If those are two things that turn you on, this babe is your kind of chick, oh and you need to see a shrink too. Before you go to therapy, check out all of these hot ass pictures of Estelle George.

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Wendys Girl Morgan Smith Goodwin 3

Morning all. Today as our Morning Wood we have Morgan Smith Goodwin AKA the Wendys Girl. Sometimes she looks really hot and sometimes I just want to smash my TV when she is on. All I know is that she makes me eat Baconator’s like it is my job. Just now I get wood while eating one. Not sure if that is because of Morgan or just that I am super fat and get turned on by bacon.

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