Taylor Swift Showing Her Belly Button Will Make Your Dick Drip

Taylor-Swift-Belly_ButtonYour boy Muff is not really sure why this photo makes my dick drip, but it does. Just seems so innocent, yet so damn dirty as well. T-Sizzle just showing off her belly button is so damn hot. You know I want to drink tequila out of that thing while licking salt off her tummy.

I need to see a shrink or a sex therapist.

Lady Gaga’s Ass In A Bikini Will Make You Vomit

Lada gaga ass in a bikini 4Holy hell what am I looking at here?? Lady Gaga’s as in a bikini is like watching a train crash into a car full of fat guys who just covered themselves up in butter! I am not sure if I want to vomit of jerk off while eating tapioca pudding.

Lada gaga ass in a bikini 1 Lada gaga ass in a bikini 2 Lada gaga ass in a bikini 3

Miley Cyrus In Yoga Pants Is Worth A Look

Miley Cyrus Yoga pants

I know we have seen Miley Cyrus naked and near naked so many times that her wearing yoga pants would be a bore, but sometimes you just want the classics. Miley in yoga pants is vintage. It brings you back to a time when you would have cut off a nut to see her boobs. By the way, thank god I still have 2 nuts, after seeing those tits, I would have wanted a ball return.

Sarah Russi Is A Hot Chick On Twitter You Need To Follow

Sarah Russi 2

Sarah Russi is lava. She is hot as fuck. She is also on Twitter and puts up some great photos. You should follow her @SarahRussi Now lets check out some of her best work! Click through for the pics!

Kaley Cuoco Had Hard Nipples On An Episode Of Big Bang Theory

Kaley Cuoco hard nipples

Kaley Cuoco is a strange chick. Like she is hot but she has peaked. She is more fun than sexy. She is also never naked enough for my taste. So when you get to see her in a yellow shirt with hard nipples, It makes it blog worthy. Not a really good blog, but enough to make you look.

Kaley Cuoco hard nipples 2

Seriously though, she needs to grow that hair out. She looks like hot garbage.

This NSFW Bikini Pic Is The Reason Why I Miss Spring Break

Not Safe for life hot chick small bikini

One of the worse things about leaving college is when March rolls around. Assholes are all down in Florida and Arizona and Mexico. They are all naked and fucking drunk! You start to see all of these pictures of chicks wearing next to nothing and you remember that you have to work. Your best party days are behind you. It is now about TPS reports instead of how many women can you possibly stick your dick into. Fucking sucks.

All that rant was just an excuse to show that amazing fucking picture!

If This Video Of Lindsey Pelas Running In Slo-Mo Does Not Give You A Boner…You May Be Dead


Wow! Lindsey Pelas is amazing. Pure lava. Now excuse me while I go and watch this video of her running in slow-mo again.


Lucy Hale Has Very Hard Nipples….And Who Is Lucy Hale?

Lucy Hale hard nips 2 Lucy Hale hard nipples

So maybe I am getting too old for my own site. I had to Google who Lucy Hale was. The funny thing is, even after reading her Wikipedia page, Yea, I still have no clue who Lucy Hale is. How did a chick with nips that hard slide under my radar. Maybe I have lost my touch. Time to hang em up and go work for the stool like the rest of our writers.

I Guess Today Is A Good Day To Look At Reese Witherspoon Wearing Yoga Pants

Reese Witherspoon yoga pants

I have always had a thing for Reese Witherspoon. She is right in my blonde with  big forehead wheelhouse. I know she is like 75 years old now but that ass is holding up. I mean it is not a 10 but I would still sniff it like a golden retriever. Im sure it looks like a old Mylar balloon once you get it out of those pants but I’d still wear it like a Bane mask.

Work Sucks So Instead Watch This SFW Video Of Porn Stars Riding A Mechanical Bull


I have always found chicks riding the bull to be the most overrated sexy thing a woman can do. Don’t get me wrong. I went to Buffalo Bills in Key West numerous times over the winter for sexy bull riding but that is because they give free booze to girls from 9:00 to 11:00 and the bull riding sucked. Drunk chicks however are right in my wheelhouse. Fucking cock blocking bull would get in my way or easy poon.Fuck you bull.