Canadian Chick Of The Week- Mariko Izumi

Mariko Izumi is a smoking hot Canadian chick that is on a fishing show called Hookin Up, we would all love to hook up with her.  If I was in a boat, fishing with her, I might just fall in the lake from blood loss to my junk.


Canadian Chick Of The Week- Mariko Izumi — 1 Comment

  1. I just can,nt take it any more.She is so pretty I couldn,t keep my mind on fishing if I was in a boat with her.Her smile is beautful and her hot body is to die for.Trust me I do not miss a show of her,s.I just cann,t get enough of her.I,m a full time trapper and hunter ,and I also guide fishermen down my local river and I would love her to join me.I live and fish in michigan and we have the best fishing in the world.But when it comes to her wow.I didn,t think women came that pretty anymore.My heart just melts when she smile,s.And if she is in a swimm suit ,my heart and other things go wild.

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