Bar Shots: West End Johnnies (Boston, MA)


Located in the Downtown vicinity, this is one of those spots where the beautiful people come to mingle around Happy Hour and on weekends. Think aspiring business suits, hot girls looking for free drinks, and overpriced Bud bottles for the rest of us schmucks. Not really this Johnny’s element, but I digress…

Upstairs is a pretty nice area that fills up and offers a bar, tables, and DJ/dance floor setup where you can bump hips with chicks way out of your league on a Thursday night. Downstairs is more of a ‘club’ setting (loose interpretation – I’m pretty sure they were playing “Hit Me Baby One More Time” and other weird-ass tracks when I was there). Wherever you end up, don your nicest pea coat and button-down or brace yourself for the wrath of judgement from the bartenders and patrons. (Needless to say, my West End namesake does not appreciate Hawaiian shirts… bastards.)

Tuesday-Saturday open 5 P.M. to Last Call. Closed Sunday-Monday, except for Garden events. Expect a cover.

There’s also a reggae brunch on Saturdays (11 A.M. – 4 P.M.) I’ve heard good things about (never attended myself).

Summary: Your typical nice-shoes establishment. In my book, not worth the price of nightly admission unless you’re looking to have a brush with the beautiful people. Reggae brunch on Saturdays is a different story – check that out to stir things up. A classy joint.

West End Johnnies’ Website



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