Bar Shots: The Dugout Cafe (Boston, MA)


I lived on Comm. Ave. for two years back in olden times, and I think one of my bigger regrets is that I never made The Dugout a regular stop on my post-class jaunt to get toasty. The reason? Considering it’s (very) central location on B.U.’s campus, the place has somehow managed to maintain an off-the-beaten-path, local dive ambiance, in the best possible way.

I certainly wouldn’t rank the bar in any Top Ten for wild Boston nightlife, but it can get pretty damn packed if you hit the right day. Trivia and Open Mic Nights provide some good entertainment for groups, and everyone should watch a Red Sox game at this Boston institution (The Dugout’s been in business since 1934).

Early and during more low-key weeknights, the bar is still a fun spot for a casual hump day destination, especially if you’re with folks looking to tag along for a few rounds. Grab a booth and enjoy reasonable prices on food and drinks, especially for where you are in the city. Service has always been good in my experience – even when we’ve probably overstayed our welcome (i.e. dragging out a lone bottle for an hour or more) – at least when it’s not too packed.

Oh, and there’s free popcorn. Wicked pissah.

One last thing to remember – it’s cash only so don’t try going cards-only here or you’ll be washing dishes.

Summary: Head in during the day for a couple laid-back Sam Adams or wait until afternoon and evening classes let out on campus to mingle with some Boston coeds down under at one of the classics. Recommended excursions for Trivia and Open Mic nights or to catch a Sox game with friends. Cash only.

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