Bar Shots: An Tua Nua (Boston, MA)


Well, it’s official. Kenmore pub staple An Tua Nua is closing it’s doors this Saturday after 15 years in business. I’ve gotta say, I’m a little sad to see this one go. Not that I was a regular at the joint or anything, but the few times I ventured down from my Allston abode were always a good time.

(The first  $1 draft night I ever experienced in Boston was at An Tua Nua. I remember nothing. It was fun.)

I won’t mince words and give a traditional review of the bar, since I’m pretty sure it’s a little late for that either way. All I’ll say, is that the place was always a madhouse mixer of college coeds from the copious surrounding schools – with one or two barflies occasionally tossed in for character – every Thursday (the only time I ever braved the massive, inevitable lines, in search of cheap beer and loosey goosies). For a change-up to the usual suspects, it did the trick each and every time.

So cheers, An Tua Nua, and here’s to new beginnings.

An Tua Nua’s Website


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