Boston Landlord In Deep Shit For Not Renting To Indians, Dots Not Feathers The state attorney general’s office is investigating an allegation that a property management company owned by Anwar N. Faisal, the controversial Boston landlord, refused to rent an apartment to a Northeastern University graduate student because she was from India. … Continue reading

Johnny Dee Is A Singing Machine! He May Just Be My Newest YouTube Time Waster!

If your not down with Johnny Dee and his awesome tunes on Youtube, you better regulate! … Continue reading

Your About To Watch The Coolest Video With Two Forklifts You Will Ever See!

I feel like I am watching some sort of forklift fetish porn video here. Yea, put it in the truck! Right there! Yes! Yes! Yes! … Continue reading

Guy Goes On A Game Show And Ends Up Sticking His Nose In Another Mans Ass

Oh what a wacky game show! walk into a dark room, smell some cheese, and then Eskimo kiss and motorboat some guys hairy ass. Then you dry heave, throw up a little, then question your own sexuality later in the … Continue reading

Sal’s Pizza Near Fenway Park Has Closed Because Sal’s Pizza Sucks

According to multiple website and people in the know, Sal’s Pizza near Fenway Park has closed, but don’t worry, if you really need their shitty pizza, rumor is they are coming out with a food truck! So now you can … Continue reading

Just When You Think Lindsay Lohan Looks Like Death, She Bounces Back With A Bikini Selfie

There really is no one else on the planet who I enjoy seeking out daily pictures of like Lindsay Lohan. One day she looks like she fucking died 6 months ago, the next day, you want to blow a load … Continue reading

No One In Boston Is Drinking Yuengling

BostonHerald- Pennsylvania-based Yuengling Lager hit the Bay State with a bang back in March. Today it’s in the fight of its life to win over Boston beer drinkers. “I’m not going to sugarcoat that it’s been a very competitive market, … Continue reading