You could use a picture of a hot chick in a bikini standing on a beach on a rainy day like today

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Your not cool unless you have this Family Dollar Tuppaca shirt

Yesterday it was a Tupac garden gnome, today it is this dope ass t-shirt!  Pure lava right here. I don’t just want one in a fat man size, I need one in a fat man size. These have to come … Continue reading

Your dirty Miley Cyrus concert pics of the day

It has been a while since we posted some dirty Miley Cyrus concert pics.  Today seems like a good day to break the streak. You stay classy Miley Cyrus,  stay classy. … Continue reading

Nothing says hood like Biggie & Tupac garden gnomes

Word up! Who needs the dopest garden in the hood,  you damn right your boy Muff doos.  Biggie and Tupac just chillen as gnomes. The 90’s rap game never dies, it just grows with your roses. Shit, now I need … Continue reading

Father of the year hiring cool black kids to stop his kid from getting bullied

He needs cool black kids….not cool white kids. I’m sure his kid will have no issues with the bullies when they find out he has a pimp for a dad. Hey, as Corneal Sanders once said ” paying black people … Continue reading

So Will I Get Laid If I Copy This Guys Ray Rice Halloween Costume?

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Randy Orton Giving Out RKO’s To Everyone Is Internet Awesomeness As you all know, Muff loves wrestling. You don’t have to be a wrestling fan to love this Randy Orton RKO compilation video of internet fails. This is just pure internet joy and awesomeness.  Great job world wide web … Continue reading

This Bro Who Gets Caught Grooving To A Pop Star Tries To Save His Manhood In This Video Guess what, you got caught red handed bro. Just rocking out with you cock out. No drinking that beer is not going to help you save face, the damage is done. … Continue reading

This Girl Has An Ass That Is Worth looking At

Sometimes you find an ass and you have to stop and stare at it. Like a comet in the olden days, people would have been taking the rest of their lives after seeing this poop shoot. Pure shitter perfection! … Continue reading