You Need Soft Hands To Make A Football Catch Kinda Gay Video To Get You Through The Day Just an old classic football game with a classic line. Bow chicka wah wah. … Continue reading

I’m Shocked That Aaron Hernandez Was Found Guilty Of 1st Degree Murder

So it ain’t so! I never thought for one moment that Aaron Hernandez was gonna get murder one. Guess what, I think he didn’t either! I always though that the judge was just letting too much evidence slide by. The … Continue reading

Muffs Local Tinder Chick Of The Day

I don’t know what girl this Lauren is and I don’t care. I’ll take any of the five of them and swipe right every time … Continue reading

If This Picture Of A Bulldog Sitting In The Child’s Seat Of A Shopping Cart Does Not Make You Smile, Your Dead Inside

Pure bulldog awesomeness! … Continue reading

Sarah Russi Is A Hot Chick On Twitter You Need To Follow

Sarah Russi is lava. She is hot as fuck. She is also on Twitter and puts up some great photos. You should follow her @SarahRussi Now lets check out some of her best work! Click through for the pics! … Continue reading

Kaley Cuoco Had Hard Nipples On An Episode Of Big Bang Theory

Kaley Cuoco is a strange chick. Like she is hot but she has peaked. She is more fun than sexy. She is also never naked enough for my taste. So when you get to see her in a yellow shirt … Continue reading

Do You Even Lift Bro?

If you listen closely, you can hear the moment his legs break and his dreams shatter. Hit the gym bro. … Continue reading

What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas…Until Someone Films You Fucking In Your Hotel Room Through The Window

I if had a dollar for every time I have seen people fucking while looking out my Vegas hotel room window, I would have at least enough money to buy a value meal at Jack In The Box. I mean … Continue reading

Muffs Local Tinder Chick Of The Day

No way this chick is really on Tinder.  Her whole life is just Tinder when you have big ass tits like those. She just walks down the street and picks who she wants. I’m guessing she swipes left a lot. … Continue reading