So Here Is What The Inside Of A Tornando Looks Like When You Leave Your Dash Camera On In Your Car

GoPro or go home! One question? Where are the sharks? … Continue reading

Massachusetts Is the Second Worst State To Drink In According To Time Magazine Worst 1. Utah: Many of the restrictive drinking laws around the country derive from a religious skepticism of alcohol, and Utah’s strong religious culture has helped motivate the passage of sundry drinking restrictions. Only beer with less than 3.2% alcohol … Continue reading

Muff Has To Chime In On All These Leaked Nude Photos Of Famous Hot Chicks

Happy Labor Day Drunks. What a weekend it was. Some computer hacker stole a whole shitload of naked celebrity pictures and had a field day posting them all over the place. If you want to see them just click this … Continue reading

The Ongoing Battle Between Southie Locals And Southie Yuppies Has Now Turned To Graffiti

Your boy Muff used to live in Southie. I am not a local. I have no clover tattoo. I have never fought anyone in the Old Colony projects. I was there before the yuppies moved in. I used to drink … Continue reading

Morning Buns

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Father Of The Year Films His Daughter While She Take Dumb Ass Selfies Is The Next Big Viral Video

Sometimes you watch a video and you know right away that it is going to be fucking everywhere. Here it is. Yep, some dad filmed his daughter while she made stupid selfie faces. I can already see Inside Edition running … Continue reading