Miley Cyrus’s Nipple Fell Out Again, So Would You Like To See It?

So earlier today, BuffaloGreg wrote about how Miley wore this outfit, he said some shit about it, ya know, he did his job. Now it is time for Muff to do his job. What BuffaloGreg missed was the picture where … Continue reading

Ass Age! Guess The Age Of This Dumpa!

Ass Age! Guess the age of this dump! … Continue reading

How come the red line always smells of Indian food?

Your boy Muff is just like you. I have to take the Red Line all the time to get places. While I will say it is the best of all the subway lines in Boston (Green – too slow) (Blue- … Continue reading

Cat trying to run up a slide just about sums up this week so far

Ever have one of those weeks where you wake up and you think it’s almost over, just to find out its only Wednesday.  Good thing I don’t have a real job and all I do is post pictures of half … Continue reading

Morning Buns Request: Stacey Dash

  @BostonDrunks Any Stacey Dash morning buns — Scott Enwright (@scott_enwright) October 27, 2014 Ask and you shall receive. Yes Stacey Dash does have one hell of a dumpa! Good call. … Continue reading

Two Bros Just Dominate The Fuck Out Of A Wheelbarrow Race Like holy shit! I guess if you’re gonna commit to doing a wheelbarrow race, you go hard or don’t go at all. That flip move just changed the game forever. These guys are the west coast football offense of … Continue reading

Chantel Jeffries Loves To Wear Yoga Pants

So this is Chantel Jeffries. She used to fuck Justin Bieber. Now she can fuck all us all and never even call us again. Pure lava who loves to wear yoga pants. Enough of me writing this shit and you reading … Continue reading