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Muff is fat, drunk, and stupid. Somehow he made it long enough in life to start BostonDrunks.com.

Why The Fuck Am I Still In Boston This Winter???

So if you have been reading the old Bostondrunks site over the last few years. You know that your boy Muff spends his winters down in Key West. This year however, it seems that winter has snuck up on me … Continue reading

This Damn McDonald’s App Is Gonna Make Me 500 Pounds Of Pure Sexy

Fucking McDonald’s and their app. Seriously, how much free food can you give me? I know one Big Mac is not enough, so you give me buy one get one free coupons via your magical app. Your a sick clown … Continue reading

I Think I Got Rid Of The Pop Ups!

So Muff did it again! I think I finally defeated my demons. I am like Jake The Snake Roberts without all the dirty sex and gout. I have finally gotten rid of all the pop ups on BostonDrunks! Of course … Continue reading

Here Is A Picture Of Mike Tyson Getting Ice Cream To Get You Through The Day

That’s right, fucking Mike Tyson loves him some sprinkles! You go make fun of that if you dare! … Continue reading

Daily Lava- The Three Hottest Photos That BostonDrunks Could Find Today

Continue reading

I Found All These Random Pics Of Hot Chicks That I Felt I Needed To Share With You

So I just wrote that last post and while looking for a picture, I found all these random pics of just hot chicks, I figured you would not mind if I put them here. … Continue reading

Summer Is Over. Time To Go Back To Work People

Well it is that time of year. Summer is over and we all have to go back to work. The days of public drinking and drooling over chicks in bikinis is over. It is now time punch the clock instead … Continue reading

Honestly does anyone really give a fuck about the Boston Red Sox anymore?

This is a real question that I ask myself nowadays… does anyone give a fuck about the Boston Red Sox anymore? I don’t just mean this because they are shitty this year. I mean it in general.  Like they won … Continue reading

Taylor Swift Showing Her Belly Button Will Make Your Dick Drip

Your boy Muff is not really sure why this photo makes my dick drip, but it does. Just seems so innocent, yet so damn dirty as well. T-Sizzle just showing off her belly button is so damn hot. You know … Continue reading

Lady Gaga’s Ass In A Bikini Will Make You Vomit

Holy hell what am I looking at here?? Lady Gaga’s as in a bikini is like watching a train crash into a car full of fat guys who just covered themselves up in butter! I am not sure if I … Continue reading

Ducktails Mixed With Single Ladies Is Internet Perfection

Ducktails mixed with Single ladies by Beyonce means it will never be the same ever again. Not sure what song I even mean? … Continue reading

Daily Handbra!

Something about the Hello Kitty phone just makes this Daily Handbra photo so much more dirty. Thanks Japan! … Continue reading

Today In Yoga Pants

You just cant beat a hot chick in a pair of white yoga pants. Big bucks…No whammy! … Continue reading

BostonDrunks Now Runs Better on Your Phone Or Tablet

So as you know we have been doing a lot of work on the back end of BostonDrunks.com. One of the biggest complaints about the site is how much it sucked on a phone. Boom! Muff listened! We have come … Continue reading

Don’t Worry People, BostonDrunks Will Be Back Up And Running Next Week

  So I know you have all been wondering what the hell is going on here at BostonDrunks. We are fixing up or site on the back end and trying to “clean up some of the filth” that makes all … Continue reading

Buy Your Nantucket Summer Drunk Shirts!

  http://bostondrunks.deco-shirts.com/shop/view_product/Nantucket_Summer_Drunk__T_Shirt?n=4461247     … Continue reading

Muff Is Looking For The Next Great Batch Of BostonDrunks Writers

So as you may know by now, Muff is fixing up the old BostonDrunks site. That means we need new blood. We need new writers. Maybe that is you, maybe not. Do you have what it takes to work hard, … Continue reading

Did You Really Think Muff Would Kill Off BostonDrunks?

So I have been getting emails from all you Drunks wondering what is going on with the old BostonDrunks.com site. They ask if I have really quit. Is the site dead? Where do I now go to jerk off in … Continue reading

Muff Is Convinced. There Is No Pleasing You People

Muff is at the end of his rope. I have no one but you people to blame. You people who sit at your keyboards and on your phones suck. There is no pleasing you fucks. When I started this site … Continue reading