Nothing like Your Co-Worker Buying Dildos Online While At Work

So if you’re at work and your co-worker is buying dildos and vibrators online she is game for a little sexual harassment. Either she is a freak in the sheets or a bitch who never gets any and just rocks … Continue reading

You Wont Believe Who This Woman Is

You wont believe who this is….click through for the answer. … Continue reading

Just In Case You Need Another Reason To Never Ride A Subway Comes This Video

Subways and cold weather are for poor people. How many times do I have to tell you people this. … Continue reading

Soon To Be WWE Hall Of Fame Wrestler Luke From The Bushwackers Went To A Strip Club Just Cause

I guess when you’re former WWE wrestler Luke from the epic tag team the Bushwackers, celebrating your Hall Of Fame announcement while bathing in strippers seems like the right thing to do. WHoooooo I just picture him walking around the … Continue reading

Work Sucks So Instead Watch This SFW Video Of Porn Stars Riding A Mechanical Bull I have always found chicks riding the bull to be the most overrated sexy thing a woman can do. Don’t get me wrong. I went to Buffalo Bills in Key West numerous times over the winter for sexy bull … Continue reading

The Best Fake Harvard Rejection Letter You Will Ever See

Normally I would go on a rant about how high school and college kids think that being original or wacky shows creative thinking skills and that people want people who think outside the box, but fuck that. Molly is straight … Continue reading

Here Is The Worst Fight Video You Will See Tonight

Just guys swinging and missing, yet somehow, the white trash woman ends up dead on the ground. Thank god this was filmed by a black guy because they provide the best commentary. In fact, i think all sports and events … Continue reading

Lady Gaga’s Sideboob Looks Decent

I have never found Lady Gaga to be hot. I think of her as an annoying piece of shit that would complain about how much cream cheese she got on her Finagle A Bagel while looking at mine, Her songs … Continue reading

Muffs Favorite Local Tinder Chick Of The Day

She loves dad’s and vodka. Yep, this is definitely a swipe to the right. She is the perfect one night stand for all of us drunks. … Continue reading