Dr. Frankenking Is Back. Burger King Coming Out With Chicken Big King

Fuck Burger King. Every time I go there, it is always disappointing. The food sucks, the people who work there suck, the restaurant design sucks, the menu board sucks, the drive thru sucks….ect. I hate the place.  The worst part … Continue reading

10 Hot Girls You Wish You Were Nude For April 17th

Yep it is time for your 10 Hot Girls You Wish You Were Nude For April 17th. Click through to see chicks who would never bang Muff. … Continue reading

The Orange Is The New Black Season Two Trailer Is Out…Yes! Yes! Yes!

If you’re not watching Orange Is The New Black on Netflix, you suck at life. Show is the balls. Caged heat! Yes! Yes! Yes! … Continue reading

Rachel Bilson Looks Like She Has Put On A Few Pounds

Holy moo! Did Rachel Bilson just eat like 12 Quarter Pounders with Cheese? No boner needed for this chick now! Ah, who the hell am I kidding, I would let her blow me 6 days a week and twice on … Continue reading

Once You See This Jennifer Love Hewitt Picture, You Will Never Want To Bang Her Ever Again

Holy shit! What a boner buzz kill. Once you see shit like this, you can’t un-see shit like this. Jennifer Love Hewitt…..baby carriage……Hips that seem to be suited to be on a buffalo. Shit can’t be un-seen. … Continue reading

Did Muff Bring Back The DC Site? You Bet Your Sweet Ass I Did!

Don’t know if any of you drunks noticed that Muff just brought our DC site back from the grave. Yep, we found the right guys to write over at DCDrunks.com. Now all of their posts will be automatically sent out … Continue reading

So I Get A Random Email About Taco Bell Breakfast From A Fellow Drunk

I love our readers when they send me stuff like this, makes my job so much easier. So I wake up this morning to this nice Taco Bell Breakfast review in my inbox…. Have not seen your review of the … Continue reading

The Am I Drunk? Shirt Will Be The Hottest Thing This Summer

One of of Tweeter peeps sent me this and I thought, what a fucking awesome shirt that would make. We love making money, so it had to become one. If this shirt does not pay for itself in free beer … Continue reading

I Think We Are All Going To Drink A Lot Of Twisted Tea Lemonade This Summer

Yes, Twisted Tea has come out with a Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, and Strawberry Lemonade. Say what you want, but the stuff is 5% booze and tastes fucking awesome. Yes, this is going to be a dangerous summer! This stuff can … Continue reading

New Spicy Chicken Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos Coming To Taco Bell On May 1st

If Taco Bell was a chick in a bar, I would buy her fruity drinks all night long just so I could finger bang her in a cab on the way back to her place. She gets me. … Continue reading

Girl Leaves A Pros Vs. Cons Napkin About Who To Date On The Plane, Yup, Crazy

Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you don’t make lemonade, you break out the pros vs. cons list. Seem like some crazy chick left this on a plane, it was found, now we must break it down and choose her … Continue reading

Two Gorillas At The Bronx Zoo Just 69ing The Day Away

Nothing like taking kids to the Bronx Zoo only to see two gorillas just going to pleasure town in a full 69. Hey, I guess they were lucky they did not see this kind of shit on the streets while … Continue reading