Here Is The Guns N’ Roses November Rain Video To Get You Through Your Day Somedays you need that pick me up in the afternoon, Thanks Axel Rose. … Continue reading

25 Pictures Of Hot Selfies Of Girls In Bikinis, Half Naked, Bras, Undies, Nothing Is Worth A Look

It has been a while since we had some of our famous Selfies pictures. So here you go drunks, you deserve them! Enjoy! Click through for all the pics! … Continue reading

BuzzFeed Did A Video About Californians Trying Dunkin Donuts For The First Time And It Sucked Yeah, what the hell did I just watch? That was just a two and a half minute waste of time. Just dumb ass people from Cali eating Dunks? Really? We all know that the donuts at Dunks suck balls. … Continue reading

Is Having A TSTCLS License Plate A Major Boss Move?

Boss move here. This guy is just saying that he has more nuts than you do. don’t be fooled by 1992 Ford truck. TSTCLS is on the move somewhere in Boston and he has the sack to prove it…or at … Continue reading

Adrienne Curry In A Thong, Should You Take A Look? Why Not

Adrienne Curry is some model chick who married some Brady Bunch dude. They may still be married, they may not, who the fuck knows. All I know is that when Adrienne Curry is in a thong, we take notice of … Continue reading

This Picture Of The Ass Of Aubrey O’Day In A Bikini Is Something To Look At

Aubrey O’Day was gonna be the next big pop star, or at least that is what Diddy told me on some shitty MYV show like 10 years ago. Now Aubrey O’Day just lays around in bikinis, looking hot as fuck. … Continue reading

Ariana Grande In A School Girl Outfit Is Why You Come To

So America’s favorite dirty girl, Ariana Grande did a concert and she wore a school girl outfit. Cue your boners now. … Continue reading

I Am So Confused By This ThreeSome

So lets look at the facts: We have at least 3 people in the bathroom stall. I see a red cup so people are drunk as hell I’m guessing that old grey socks is a fat chick cause of the … Continue reading

Your ButtScratcher Of The Night … Continue reading

Your ButtScratcher Of The Night … Continue reading

Hey Look! It Is Kendall Jenner’s Butt Cheeks! Woop Woop!

Butt cheeks are awesome. Sometimes they come out and play. When they do, You have to look. Fuck one time I was walking down the street behind a woman with her butt cheeks hanging out and I walked and extra … Continue reading

Why Yes, This Girl Does Have Perfect Boobs

So Muff was sent this picture tonight. The person who sent it to me said that these were perfect boobs. I stared at the picture for two full minutes. Then I stared for two more minutes. Then I stared for … Continue reading