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Looking for the worst job you will ever love. Do you want to make next to nothing but get your name out there. Hell work for us at! We are looking for the following people:

Blogger/ Writers:

We are now currently looking for people that want to write for us on our website.  We are looking for people to write about the following things:

Boston Celtics Blogger: Must write at least one blog per week about the Boston Celtics and provide updates when major news and events break.  We want a person with passion and opinions.  We do not want a person that is going to write game recaps or shit you can find on ESPN.  Bring your own style and make it funny.

Boston Bruins Blogger: Just like the Celtics guy but about the Boston Bruins.

New England Patriots Blogger: Guess what, just like the Celtics and Bruins Blogger but about the Pats.

Northeastern University Blogger:  This bloggers job is to talk about shit happening down on Hunnington Ave.  From Huskie hockey to hoops, make people realize you have sports teams.  Be funny as hell! Talk about NU chicks and parties and where people are drinking.  Hatred of BU and BC a real plus!

Boston University Blogger: Same as the NU guy/girl but about BU.

Boston College Blogger: What do you think, your smart.

Grapic Artists

Web Deginers

Send your info and why you want to get paid next to nothing to


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  1. Funny site, but you need some serious design help! Unfortunately I get paid well for design and developing skills, but good luck!