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Welcome to BostonDrunks.com

We are a fun little site on the world wide web. If you are here, you might be just like us. We are a bunch of guys that live in Boston, go to our shitty ass jobs, ride the T, hit on chicks that we have no shot with, and drink our nights away in various bars.

We started this site as a fun way to get shit off of our minds about shit we see in Boston. Shit we see in Boston bars, Shit we see in Boston chicks, Shit we see in Boston sports teams, Hell shit we see in other Boston Drunks. If you like the site come back often. If you like us buy some stickers off us at our online store or down at Fenway Park if you can find us!

If you have any questions about BostonDrunks.com you can contact us at Info@BostonDrunks.com , Muff will answer all your questions when he sobers up.  Who is Muff?  If BostonDrunks.com ever got big, he would be our CEO, Muff is the ultimate BostonDrunk, and if you ever meet the guy, buy him a drink or two.


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  1. u guys are sick mother fu,,ke.r u should be studying the meaning of live; not just ponderining when the next time your johnson gets wet. u should die or.. better l yet live the the rest of your life as a trolley driver on the jay walking streets of beantown. so be it says the words of JD

  2. Stumbled blindly onto your site. Love the mentality and the mantra. I have drunk the cool aid, and it is good. That is all.

  3. Wow, this is a blatant rip-off of barstool sports. Keep up the good plagiarism. This is like Coming to America when the dude from Good Times named his restaurant MacDonalds.

  4. This is unbelievable. There really is no discernible difference between Barstool Sports and this site except that Barstool is funny and this one isn’t. Literally everything down to the morning wood feature (ripoff of “wake up with”), the writing style (e.g., starting sentences with “Like”), even the format of the blog. This shit is just shameless.

  5. Maybe Barstool ripped us off, or Barstool ripped off SFLChronicle.com or they ripped off Guyism.com who knows, just come back all the time like I know you will and keep bitching, my ego loves its. Besides Stool is so 90’s just like french kissing.

  6. I’m not saying there can or should only be one site on the internet devoted to sports or hot chicks. But come on, this is so transparent. Don’t play dumb. Your site doesn’t just have a similar theme, it’s identical in almost every way. And of course Barstool, which has been around for 7 or 8 years and probably has 1000000X the traffic of this site, didn’t rip you off. Take my advice, this site will never go big if you don’t at least make it your own in some way.

  7. this site is fab, so much for sobriety I’m going back to the bah

  8. I’m not here to insult anybody. Would you guys if I asked for your signature petition Massachusetts state government to legalize prostitution, make divorce swift(1 day to get out of sexless marriage) without alimony for either spouses, and legalize all drugs?

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