7 Year Olds Getting Naked And Having Oral Sex While Teacher Just Sits There

MSNBC-A California elementary school teacher has been suspended indefinitely after school officials said a pair of second-graders performed sex acts in class with the teacher present, San Francisco media reported Friday.

“I think everyone is taken aback over this shocking incident,” Troy Flint, the spokesman for the Oakland Unified School District, told San Franciscio’s CBS affiliate, KCBS. “Of course, it is hard to understand how that could have occurred.”

Two separate cases are under investigation involving the teacher at Oakland’s Markham Elementary School, Flint told KCBS.

Naked in classroom
“In one case, several students apparently took off their clothes and were naked in the classroom,” according to KCBS, adding, “In the second incident, a boy and girl reportedly engaged in oral sex in front of their classmates.”

The teacher was present during both incidents, Flint said.

School officials were made aware of the situation on Wednesday.

The school’s principal, Pam Booker, sent a letter of apology home to parents, telling them that the incidents “represent an unacceptable lack of supervision. I understand there is great anger over this news.”

Damn, how shitty of an educator do you have to be to notice that your students are nude and taking dong to the face?  I always got caught just passing notes to girls, then I would have to read them in front of the class.  Now kids are just getting busy busting, wait I don’t think a seven year old can bust a nut, if that is the case, how does the girl know when to stop?  This is why seven year old kids should not be doing this, too many technical questions.

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